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Brad we've got a bunch of new stories to talk about from this past week None of them are like huge. But we gotta lotta star wars to talk about you know we like talking star wars but before we get to that. Let's talk koci kicks over. I is one of my favourite. Tv shows on television Used to be on youtube. It's now on netflix. So now now. No one has a excuse because eastbound like youtube premium which one subscribed sue and now. Everybody subscribes to net flicks. Everybody should check out. Koper cry on netflix. I think what's this season. That's coming up season four. I think is getting released. Yeah in there in the midst of developing season. Five which jon hurwitz who is the showrunner of the show. says that he's very deep into our season. Five planning several scripts and outlines have been ridden in. We're definitely writing towards an end game. Which will hopefully be beyond season five. So that to me. Brad subs like this is a succeeds. Season tv series. Or at least jon hurwitz mind. We'll we'll see you know how well season four performs unethical imbibe we. I mean net flexible. Seen we will not get those numbers but then we'll find out later season last season But the interesting thing here we were at this up on dot com is that he was asking this twitter. Qna that Could there be some other cobra. Kai karate kid universe shows possible. Actually the person actually asked various Yagi sato prequel series. And he responded. Were battling around ideas for various credit kids. Last cobra kai spin offs. Some further along with some further along than others won't spoil anything beyond that now brad. I know you've only seen a few episodes from the first season Definitely the credit kid movies The first was the best that cobra high. Was i think every subsequent season Has started off really shaky and by the end of it garden. Good If that's a glowing endorsement i dunno it probably not but I'm still really into it. And one thing that they've done With some of the the seasons recent way is they've done these flashbacks to like prequel showing you. How john crease became john crease Possibly you know so the idea of them doing yagi prequel is not out of the question is is that anything you would even want to see brad a prequel with young mr miyagi. Yeah him and his You know that guy. Sido that. When i'm not sure if anybody seen cricket partout but daniil goes back to okinawa with this yagi and A rivalry from his childhood with his childhood rival sido gets Re reunited yes. That's the word i was looking for. Brad the you seen that one right. Yeah i've i've seen the All the original karate movies. So i'm right there with you I don't know it's it's one of those things where they've expanded the karate universe so much that like it almost makes sense for them to like dig back into it in that way maybe even have like an entirely new series focusing focusing on that like But i just don't know if it's all that interesting you know They they've already kind of started to really like stretch out a lot of things and you know just even as enjoyable as it is knowing like even though i haven't watched the show i've seen like the characters that they've brought back and how they've continued the story of a lot of characters from the pre Movies and it's fun to see them back but it's also kind of liked. It's starting to feel a little spread too thin. It almost makes me sad. That always characters are still in this position to come back at this point in trying to do the same old asshole. thanks But yeah so i don't i don't know may- maybe later. I just don't know what you could do. That would be that interesting with yagi. I feel like me. Yagi is interesting when he has someone to train right. Yeah so i don't. I'm maybe missing me. Augie is not as I mean maybe young miss magee isn't as wise. It might be interesting to see his where he came from. And how different it was. But i'm not sure. I'm not sure how that fits in with Does try to kind of Upset your expectations of of these characters and so the guys have. Maybe that would be the way to go there. Maybe maybe missing. Midst from yogi was a bully when he was like whenever like ideas. Like this come along or late. The things i always think of Patent oswald's comedic did about the star wars prequels. When he says. I don't care about where the stuff i love came from. I just love the stuff that i love. Yeah yeah that's true. And that's one thing i liked about cobra kai is it in. I know you've been You know reporting on and you've followed like some of the characters that appeared the most interesting thing about koci after the first season is actually the new characters that your news and yeah so it. It's not really. The you know the rivalry between daniel and johnny it's It's these new set of kits anyways. Let's let's go on from that eighties thing to another eighties thing. And i'm talking about flight of the navigator. Disney has been trying to remake this movie for many years in before we started this podcast..

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