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Yeah we've six an hour bronze i'm tired about lebron's legacy brian never lebron will never ever ever ever ever have a winning record in the finals he will i ever ever ever get as many championships as michael jordan never it just it's no it's not good luck with the bike i'm gonna contribute it's a great cause and everything every time it's it's my plan yeah i mean i'm just it's great exercise but trying to help me organizations but i i hesitate really pushing hard because i pushed so hard with the people that helped me with the eagles autism challenge it was amazing i still can't believe that everybody was so good but they'd like to donate that'd be great and i'm riding a bike tomorrow and if actually people want to register you can still register to tomorrow eighty no question if he is the fact that jewelry that supposedly was taken with suitable he wanted yeah john i now i mean a lot of factors the got the guy knew exactly to go in where the whitby security security cameras were turned off just wow it's amazing how good this guy is you he was very hall of fame i'm so tired i don't know what's going yeah i don't know what's going to happen hall of fame howard do you think he would have been we get injured problems you think you would have been all famer who's that ali well but he seems like he's played without injuries for a while now i slowed them down abbott that's part of being a hall of famer i don't know injuries he still played but he's not played well in the last really less what bishop it'd be an all favorites joke are you talking about big allen yeah you're going down all kinds of roads here but yeah thanks for the call.

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