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To the firefighter community as well. And that's where we pick up the story with Tim again and Tim, how did you find this book? And where do we go from there? Well, what happens is the my friend, Steve Elliot, and I Steve's a former marine. We would trade books back and forth. I read a book, I'd give it to him, he'd readable. So under he came and gave me this book and he says, you should read this book Clinton side, note proof that marines read. There weren't. We can exist. So Steve gives me the book brothers forever, and I was actually reading it. I was jogging on the treadmill at the gym as I'm reading the book. And one of the things that Colonel Manion had done in the book was he actually talked about travis's visit prior to a second deployment to rescue one. And in the book talks about that a former marine. Gave him the tour and you know the story as it goes as I'm Rena I nearly fell off the treadmill because I go. I remember that night. I was barking yeah. You know they're talking about me. So I call Steve and I said, I'm in the book. He goes, what are you talking about? You're not. In that I said, remember the part where talking about the former, he goes only got it. Is you. And I told my wife and she's like, I remember you telling me about two marines visiting you at the firehouse. So what ends up. I read the book and I was to find out that you know Travis, Brandon had. Had been killed, and I was like, holy, I met this guy. Yeah. So at the back of the book, it says for more information, visit the Travis Manion foundation website. I go on the website and I kind of expecting. I hear about all these different foundations and you think it's, you know, they have a golf outing every year they give thousand bucks to some college kid going off to college, and that's pretty much a lot of these foundations. But then when I realized what this foundation had become very, very impressed with what they had done in about not quite ten years. And what I did was I had contact us. I sent them an Email and I said, you know, to concern, my name is Tim Sullivan on the former marine that was working when Travis came to visit rescue one. And I said, I'm not some nut job. I really am the guy and I, what I do is I talked about remember what I remember Travis, but I talked about what I remembered of the friend that was with him. And I said, you know, I remember this guy. He was a helicopter pilot and to kind of prove myself crazy loon trying to give them a hard time. Right? And I said, look, I just want to express my condolences. I did not know until just now in early twenty fifteen that Travis had been killed. I'm express my condolences. So about a month goes by and I don't hear anything. So I kind of figured off into the nother world and then Colonel Manion received Email back from Colonel Manion. And he says, dear tame, we've always wondered who you are. You know, it'd be great. I'd love to sit down with you and have a beer someday. And my reaction was, well, I like beer. Reaction. I'd love to sit down and have a beer with you also. And then we look into it and it turns out there's a there is a golf outing every year for the foundation, it's around the anniversary of travis's death of usually the last Monday in April or so and Steve Elliot, and I decide we're going to, we'll go down and we'll play golfing will donate to the cause. And when we went down to the Gulf outing, we decided we were going to pay our respects from not just from us, but also from the fire department. Stephen IRA both members of the VFW post. So we came down and we actually the the fire helmet that you see there..

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