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Callahan. Aka draw from impact wrestling on axs tv Also later on in the month we have manson of the btls. Bubalo spun show Aka mike waters who've me on the program also after that i got some titties. I know they're on the way. I forgot her. Frigging name right various segment. We'll see what it is ten and we'll go on from there so it's the ham radio show. Who's on my phone line. Uncle eighty doctors your doctor. Ross saying galahad how are you sir. I'm good how are you. I am well sir. To and wealth. It's always a pleasure to talk to you more when we do by text text message as much more enjoyable for both of us dr. Ross one of the greatest. Pr men in the business. Impact wrestling one of the finest wrestling outfits out there and this man holds it down and make sure that everybody watches on access tv because of this man. He is a doctor and he plays one on tv going. I won't stop you all right. Let's see if i can get a job at this whole. Let me get you sammy. I rise i. I just kind of offered to blow a guy. Didn't their shit. Sammy callahan. are you there sir. Here wait point. We need a better round of applause. Thought drivers told. I better leading to this gentleman. The right way not only see the draw right has take those raw of impact wrestling. He's a future multiple time. World heavyweight champion leaves a gentleman from impact wrestling on axs tv. Sammy the death machine callaghan was out of these interviews. I gotta get on here. I gotta get on whoever those two. They have no passion. They have no mustard. But you might read you. Have everything i to interview host your day. I cut the mustard in my food. This man right here. Let me tell you right now. Because pointblank we've had the other half of a scenario that is going on. We've had any edwards on this program. We call them the technical psychopath and edwards. Because you helped actually create a kind of new gimmick already in any is totally the one who said on this air. He said point blank went out the other half of the equation. Sandy callahan hitting in the face with a baseball bat and breaking my orbital bone. I wouldn't have the career. I have now because sammy kind unlocked. A new side of any edwards. So thank you for that because you know without you know we need the in and we need the yang and sammy. You were both by front. I really good at professional wrestling. Always a impact. Roughly always have to thank the l. The entire wrestling community should always thank me for everything i've done. Well that's the thing. I want to talk about this tomorrow night on impact on access tv the head of aws as well as the jacksonville. Jaguars tony. Kahn is going to be inside of an impact wrestling ring wearing a suit having a summit with scott d'amore and of course the invisible hand don callous trying to figure out if you deserve. Because they have doing i. It's a kind of no brainer. Of course you deserve it because you beat the number one contender moose in the middle of the ring. You beat the guy. Who's going after kenny. Omega kenny omega. Not all of the w world heavyweight champion. But he's the impact wrestling world heavyweight champion. And now we need to find out tomorrow night on impact. If it's going to be three way dance image. Going to be moose. The kingpin of the company big money moves or is going to be the best bout machine in the business. Kenny omega taking on to me the guy who deserves it the most been kicking ass and taking names santa callahan. The guy that's on the air right now. So what do you think would rather i would much rather even buyers being the ring tomorrow zone. Huge is fan but a stock. The more tony on don better do the right thing because of anyone who's gonna take the belt off. It's to be the jal sammy cowan. You can train her a like moose hit. You can't train for the death machine bashing her head with a baseball bat. Well that chelsea. That's my point impact wrestling and quite frankly the wrestling business. You're not really on the tops with everybody's you know in your in the faves list names like james james cornet all these other crappy names of flow around the business who have put you down and say that you're bad for business or you're you're you're you're not safe or whatever they want to spout about sammy callahan. And it's kind of ironic. That impact wrestling's worst nightmare is actually. It's only hope you're the guy. I is more wrapped up in meeting. Moose quite frankly. I mean let's be honest. The guys are seven toll. Big beefy monster of a man used to play in the nfl. Big guy taking on the best bout machine in the business kenny omega. It's not exactly on paper. A kind of right down the middle kind of scenario. Yes is an amazing athlete. Can you be in the business for far longer. Okay he's gonna have a trick obviously he's also going to have the invisible hand don cows in his corner. He's gonna have a lot of crap. That's going to get in the way of everything against a lodge. But i think when they throw the monkey wrench that is you my friend the draw they throw you in the mix like you. Just say kenny omega. Can't defend against the guy who's willing to put his body on the line every time he gets into that damn ring they can't defend against the unknown component. And that's you sammy kellyanne. I mean i gotta get mussa's do his the most imposing impact the most athletic dude on impact wrestling rosser. He can still be playing in the nfl right now. The one thing that i had that moves dozen soaps when the pressure's on as loosened world heavyweight champion for inside grover. Now there's your answer was honest. He went into back and got the old. Tna title walked out and declared themselves the total nonstop action champion on live television and started walking around like he had a belt that he want. He was handed a title. He didn't win a title. You at least have been the world heavyweight champion. You have defended a title. You have lost the title in harare fashion. You didn't like just half acid when you took on tessa blanchard and you lost the title. That didn't wasn't just a one sided and doing a gimmick and we're going to give a woman. The world title wasn't that it was a wrestling match and the to you beat the hell out of each other from pillar to post. That was a real match. That's my point when you ever guy with a background. Kenny omega taking on a guy that yes pound for pound is a great athlete. They're not wrong. He's the kingpin of the company. He's the guy that walks down. He's a beast in that ring. But when you have a guy that has more knowledge. Kenny omega has knowledge. He's a sneaky son of a bitch. Let's be honest. He's not really what we call. I don't know a baby face. He's a he'll tremendous proportions. And the way that you stop a he'll is we're bringing in an even bigger. He'll and that my friend.

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