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You know, I've been a fan of abilities ever ever since Back in the day in the Broadway community, we were both younger and plugging away and so The whole world is sort of seeing what we as the Broadway community knew for many, many years. We should say you're talking about Billy Porter, who plays the fairy guard mother. He is amazing. He plays the fair, the fabulous godmother. Yeah. And this isn't just about the women. You know. I love that we finally get to meet the prince, who has always been absent in every single Cinderella story. He's always been a cipher. You never know what he wants or who he is Why she falls in love with him. And in this version, he has a storyline. He has a complex relationship with his dad. Thank you so much for pointing that out because I wanted to show that Prince Robert is actually going through the same thing that Cinderella is going through when they meet, and they converge and and and get in each other's lives that they actually help the other. Get out of those boxes. And those, you know, societal constraints that they're in at the end of the day. No matter who you are. Shouldn't you be allowed to follow your dreams? Have choice and agency over your lives. Do you know? It seems like there is a version of Cinderella for every generation. What do you think makes this story so timeless? Uh, I know you're going to ask me that and I have a hard time with it because It's not so timeless because we needed to recalibrate. So that's where I've been thinking a lot about it. Like, you know, these stories are quote unquote, timeless. And yet they don't always stand up test of time. We need to look at them as a society and change them. So what are the things that make us love them? I don't know. Is it the obviously the romance? What are the main story pillars? Kay? That makes something a timeless? Yeah, I mean, it's the classic underdog story and You know, like who is more of an underdog than Cinderella. I'm excited for 10 years from now or whatever for another one to come out that kind of keeps going with this modernization. Or maybe some old ideas that we have about how we used to think are are are altered again. And as we keep evolving in this world that was writer and director Kay Cannon and actress Idina Menzel. Their new movie,.

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