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Hot and humid today. Eighty seven with partly sunny skies mid eighties today tomorrow late tomorrow and tomorrow night could be some heavy rain from Florence coming our way and the chance of heavy rain and wind for Friday and Saturday as well with temperatures in the upper seventies. Those would be our biggest impact days from Florence shower chance on Sunday as well. From MBC twelve I'm meteorologist Andrew freidan on NewsRadio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM from the piersonhonda dot com weather center. It's cloudy in seventy Lowthian NewsRadio W R V A time six oh two. Florence's forecast is heading south and west that means for us less worry about tropical force winds in epic grains. But it doesn't mean we won't see periods of heavy downpours. We still could get periods of heavy rain. Any of your listeners last night who were under a flash flood warning in the city of Richmond. That was just a thunderstorm or big one produced two to three inches of rain. And we could have that kind of scenario happen for a few days in a row NBC twelve meteorologist Andrew freidan. Vida m remaining vigilant pointing out flooding is a major concern of hurricanes. Virginia could experiences. Hi foot storm surges. Well, so we wanna keep that in mind as well. When top of the flooding. So there's a lot of incidences that could occur VM's, Shannon. Daniel v dot says it's trying to make the trip out of Hampton roads. As smooth as possible for those evacuating is in full preparation mode ahead of hurricane Florence. We have enacted a number of operations with mandatory evacuation orders issued along the coast. We're doing a number of things, especially on the eastern seaboard. Well is in central Virginia to get folks ready to be able to travel safely and efficiently. Lindsey Legrand says, for example, they've suspended all lane closures minus those needed for storm prep last night. There was a major backup on I sixty four west in new camp because of an accident. The interstate is the major evacuation route out of Hampton roads, many students will be having a shortened week this week, thanks to hurricane Florence all of the local districts minus Chesterfield have announced they will be closed Friday chest. Field wants a closer look at the forecast VCU and v you you are also closing starting on Thursday. It's the Carolinas that look like they're going to see the worst of Florence Libby Turner is on point for FEMA here at the South Carolina emergency operation center. And she says her agency is ready to take on hurricane floors. But she says FEMA can't do it alone. Are we ready means that everyone is ready? The word is out, and it is up to individual citizens to heed that word. That's the one thing that worries Turner some coastal residents vow to stay in spite of the warnings. That include words, like catastrophic and devastating. Pete.

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