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Four hours are you a believer if it's a box bs or bucks mogonero i guess the answer is this i'm not sites of gray but i do think it kind of symptom of an interest in alternative payment mechanisms i'm more interested to see that the australian stock exchange has decided to use blocked chain and that strikes me as being probably in the longrun run most significant story there clearly is however interested in the electronic currencies i personally feel that bloomberg bitcoin is highly speculative venture i don't really quite understand i fear that there will be an adjustment i fear some people will lose some money so i'm not very excited about that but i do think is a symptom of people wanting to explore alternative cheaper payment systems and i think the banking system has to respond to that sir howard matt matt miller here in lynn we we also see i mean it's not just bitcoin there are a lot of assets ottis seen none this dramatic they just continue to rise this year that really move on momentum and a total in bitcoin you have all the ability but it's really just pretty much straight up which the same for stocks which is same for emerging markets i mean what is it about 2017 that allows this incredible gain an asset prices with almost no no concern for a drop well this is i think late cycle move and it's an unusual cycle because of course it's been driven to quite a large extent by central banks providing liquidity and still doing so even though there are signs that they are starting to regret it and starting to want to pull back so i think we're in a position weather's liquidity is still very strong everywhere and people are desperately looking for some possibility of yield or of capital game so i do think this is a late cycle feel to it to me this shift a little bit too to what is happening more specifically here in the uk we don't understand the outcome of the political story around brexit such change could happen in the next 24 hours if you are running a bank of which you are running one of them but if you are running a bank duties thinking about making major moves after the united kingdom as a result of brexit how do you think you of viewing the current political landscape at the moment and do you think you are even more encouraged to maybe.

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