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Show. What was that llamas in both screens. Bob how you doing pal do their second. What's going on guys. Hey listen. I don't know you well enough to decide whether or not to use a good thing but i am excited to see how this goes. Bob you're the topic of conversation at least for. Espn for us a source of information to cover this week. The green bay packers official men joy minicamp becoming the eyes of every football fan because errands. Not there. what's jordan love. Look like we all agree. This is not jordan lavas fault but man. He is in a position where everything he does is going to be. Scrutinized what were your thoughts and takeaways from packers after being boots on the ground. This week bob. I thought we were just gonna tell. Aj hawk stories. I got a whole list of my favorite. I was writing okay. We will definitely get to that. I hope one of them is doing karate and jim. Because we have video of that as well. But bob your thoughts on on mansard camp and i can't wait to get to that as well. Yes so it was like you know the jordan love show right you've been in plenty of mini camps and training camp practices. And i've been doing this for twenty five years and for twenty five years. They've always done. The quarterback wraps the exact same way whether. It was my congressman. Mike mccarthy mike schuermann whoever as the coach the starter takes the first four or five reps. The backup takes the next three or four. The third stringer then gets like two or three and then they start over and over again. At the top there was a stretch where jordan love at one time took sixteen snaps in a row. Then he took the next period and snaps in a row. Yesterday the last day of minicamp they ran thirty. One play as a team. That's eleven on. Eleven and jordan love took the snap in of those thirty one place. I mean he he threw. I think it was fifty seven passes. No i'm sorry seventy acids this last three days all of training camp last year. He threw like sixty four passes so he threw more castles in three days this week than he did in three weeks of training camp last year. Okay what were you. What were your thoughts first day. Not so good. A little bit of pressure. I assume he was told by the team. Hey you're going to get all the reps basically here day. One day to play cbor does we did find out. Hit somebody deep down inside day two. We look good. Do you think there obviously like. Hey this is what our team's gonna look like if this is how this is very evident you think. Yeah i think they had to. They had no choice They had to throw him and see just how he handled the full work. Load as if as if it were you know september ninth and they were getting ready to play at new orleans. Three days later. I and we asked the floor at the end of the scale. The playbook back did you hold back lot. He said no. He threw everything adam. And you're right. The first day was borderline disastrous. The second day was borderline amazing and the third day. Was you know somewhere halfway. In between which i think is just what you're going to get with a young quarterback. It's been so long since we've seen a guy or really had to judge a guy coming in off the street because in my time here. I basically covered two quarterbacks bar and aaron rodgers as far as like the whole offseason goes. I know aaron got hurt and there was some brett hundley in there for a stretch. But not like this right where it was an entire offseason of watching another quarterback and you know two things one you take for granted just how good aaron is that how easy he makes it look and then to just how hard it is for somebody to come in and learn from the start and just basically start over at at the ground level of quarterbacking. And it's really hard it. What was the atmosphere like out there. I know you've been to a million practices. A million mini camps was fake enthusiasm. I have it was weird. Aj because as you know like during the mini camps in the past state. Have they'd let fans lineup along the fence. You know i don't either street there and this there is no fans there This time it was typed up so it was kind of a little bit dad the first day and you know when when a lot of was struggling it was a little room you know there are some grimacing going on but then it's jersey hit I think it was. Aj dylan on a thirty are wheel. Route down the sideline the second day. There was a little bit of a buzz. There and as each completion went on and on and on and he was starting to fling the ball down the field. There was a real vibe in there and a real energy and it actually felt like one of those night training camp practices member. Aj when mccarthy with practice under the lights and things would kinda get spirited almost That's what that felt like. At one point of their tight ends coach just out and took his playing card and started. Banning was doing this. He was fanning off as i don because he was on fire a bob. I love the thought of you covering the team talking about those night practices and then. Aj in the middle of those practices dying with all the intensity there. oh yeah let's amp up the intensity. Yeah this is great. Okay we're gonna we're gonna die out here just two different sides of one particular practice. We're talking to rob demovsky. Espn nfl nation reporter for the green bay packers which has been the entire story of mandatory minicamps. Basically tie schmidt owner of the packers as a question for you bob after mark murphy set everything about how he thinks. The fan base is kind of divided on the rogers thing based on your twitter..

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