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From npr in wbz. I'm tanya moseley. i'm robin young. It's here and now. President biden is in brussels for the nato summit. The second stop on his first foreign trip as president he spoke of the importance of nato at the military lines has headquarters in brussels. This morning nato is critically important for. Us interest there weren't we'd have to invent and here's frank. Langfitt has been our eyes and ears on this presidential trip. So frank you say the big story at this. Nato meeting will be the focus on china and russia seems to make sense but say more. Yeah so robin what's really interesting about nato is. It was built more than seventy years ago to deter the soviet union and since the collapse of communism nearly ninety s periodically. There's been a question about what its purposes now jens stoltenberg. He's the nato secretary-general he came out today. And said we're here to address global competition and everybody's on board and one of the things. He really focused on really for the first time. Robin was china and this is what he said. China's growing influence on In national policies presents challenges to alliance security we are concerned about china's coercive policies. China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal. We all saw remained concerned about china's use of this information until eighteen months ago. If you were looking at nato major nato documents you actually have never seen. China mentioned it all and this is a real shift and it's clearly been pushed by president biden and the way that he sees the world as he says increasingly competition between autocracies china and russia and democracies like the united states. And the rest of nato doesn't seem to agree with this push by biden. They're more hesitant about this robin. I'll give an example of british. Prime minister boris johnson. He showed up in brussels. Today he was hosting the g. seven. Out in cornwall in southeast asia western england and he said you know nobody's looking for a new cold war here But also want to be able to negotiate with china on issues like climate change and arms control. And i think the other thing that's different is quarter from the remember is china's not the soviet union. It is deeply integrated in the world economy and so a lot of countries in europe. Want to continue to do business with china so it's a bit more of a dilemma for them. Yeah and just follow back for a second to the g seven meeting. The meeting of the wealthiest democracies did china was an issue. There it was and again. I would say this was a bit of a diplomatic win for president biden who is pushing china What we saw is a statement at the end calling out china for human rights violations. in john you know the far northwestern province of incarceration leaguers essentially repression of democracy in hong kong. And also this would really make china happy. The calling of an investigation for the origins of the coronavirus in china and back to nato this week at looming over this meeting for biden is one on one meeting with russian president vladimir putin on wednesday in geneva russia clearly an issue for nato countries. You know they're on russia's doorstep. How is nato dealing with the threat seeing that russia poses. You're absolutely right. And when one reads is important to the from european perspective china's very far away they've been chilling with russia or the soviet union for many many decades Thing that stoltenberg said is that actually he says relations now with russia the worst since the end of the cold war and he cited russian aggression in ukraine and georgia. And also obviously the poisonings. We had some years back your former russian spy in his daughter here in england. And what he's saying is they've been bolstering battlegroups in eastern europe spending a lot more money in general particularly since the annexation of crimea by russia in two thousand fourteen which frankly breathe life into nato that point in two thousand fourteen. Nato question wasn't entirely sure. Exactly what its purpose might be going forward and just briefly. What about afghanistan. The us pulling out this year the nato mission there dates back to the nine eleven attacks Nobody celebrating that today. Of course stoltenberg said that nato will continue to provide advice and financial support security forces They're working to make sure that they secure the international airport after nato leaves and of course there's a lot of concern. The taliban is growing stronger and stronger. Yeah and very briefly your sense of how different the vibe might be at the summit. Joe biden is president former. President trump disparaged the alliance night night and day. I mean you remember particularly the image to me. Was president trump actually pushing the prime minister of montenegro. Out of the way right today everybody so much more relaxed jovial and seems like all the nato member leaders were. Just exhaling go. I embarrassed frank. Langfitt with nato leaders. Thank you so much great to talk. Grow well as way to that. Nato meeting president biden also spoke with the new prime minister of another. us ally. israel. Naftali bennett leads the block of political rivals. That ousted benjamin netanyahu from power over the weekend but netanyahu did not go quietly. His supporters on sunday interrupted minutes interrogration speech. Let's listen.

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