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Scene where the body of diana had been discovered and then to other areas along the way the only place where we received any real reaction from crystal was in pulling off the lb national highway to the north where there's a clearing in the midst of tall trees at this location crystal sunk down in the back seat and actually buried her face in the corner of the back of the vehicle. So i mean this is really a Tragic i can see him baby girl who is having a go around to revisit the most horrible places. She's ever been in her life. I just. I just feel for her. Yeah so crystals. Grandma also said that. On tuesday july fifteenth nineteen ninety-six. Crystal had said mommy said roll up the windows and locked the doors and at a period of time shortly thereafter had said there's blood on the window when the grandma asked who isn't a truck crystal said me and mommy a few days later crystal was still in bed and said the words mommy die and then further said the words mommy's in the truck and then said my mommy's hurt and also the words mommy's hurt real. Bad sushi mentioned the blood on the door on the window. Yeah remember it was described on the sill. Yeah and so. How would she know about that. Ashley saw it exactly. Yeah and it was there. There was blood in their crystal also took a small wire and tied dolls hands behind it. She said the word stranger several times but it is unknown. What it was in reference to she said michael was there and not hurt. And at this point you might be thinking. Did they ask crystal who dropped her off at k. Mart of course they did but they didn't get a definitive answer from crystal. And maybe you're wondering if anyone kmart saw who dropped her off and detective. Bill says there were a lot of interviews from that day but remember it was like weeks later. Like eight weeks later. Right right. Because diana hadn't been found i mean. I'm sure that they had talked to her..

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