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Do welcome back to the nick. Taylor horror show ricki. Stern is an american film director screenwriter producer award winning documentarian of multiple features and series. She's directed such projects as the trials of darryl hunt. The devil came on horseback. Joan rivers piece of work surviving jeffrey epstein and the preppy murders. Ricky's latest project is surviving death. A six part docu series that explores ideas of life after death and psychic phenomena including mediums. Paranormal activity and reincarnation surviving. Death is now streaming on netflixif in. I highly recommended. It's definitely not horror per se but delves into matters of the supernatural in a very compelling and beautiful way. I've been through the entire series and just a few days and was mesmerized. The entire time seriously check this out. She's a dear friend. And i enjoyed speaking to her immensely. So please enjoy this conversation with documentarian ricki. Stern ricki stern. So get to see you again. Good to see you too. How's everything going. It is okay it as we're managing seems like it's been a whirlwind gear for you. I you were surviving. Jeffrey epstein and now surviving death is low survival occurring here. I really do not know how those two projects aligns next to each other but yet to to the word surviving in it. Well one thing. I have a big aficionado of supernatural series. And i've seen a lot on ghosts and demons and supernatural and paranormal. It's rare to see any show that that delves into the paranormal without being scary and this was there was nothing remotely scary about the show and it got eerie in a couple of moments. But it seemed like it was very consciously not scary which i thought made it a really interesting exploration of the supernatural eh conscious decision for not to be frightening. I'm not so much a conscious decision for it. Not to be frightening but a conscious decision for it to be grounded in real people's lives in their experiences and to as best as i could portray with they were expressing so and i didn't want it to get hokey and again wanted to be any of the tropes like the heart film tropes that just go dismiss it and make it feel fake because you know for these people in the sixth episode. Many people shared different kinds of experiences with that. That are labeled people don't like to call paranormal but phenomenon that would've looking at consciousness outside of the body and it's very real to them and so i wanted to. You know both sort of create the mystery to me the the series is about sort of wonderment and an and mystery and intrigue and. That's those are sort of the things that i was looking to to build on. Yeah because i thought the the overall feeling of it was very exploratory and it seemed to be very unbiased and had like no agenda. You weren't trying to prove or disprove but it did have this sort of a theory ole tonality to it where it really like. You said embrace. Just the mystery of which i thought was interesting. Yeah no i was gonna. I was gonna say thank you that you said that you said that because i think you know when you when you do a series like this.

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