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Church of England. And there's a lovely little quaint church in belton and funny enough my mom's getting remarried this year after my father, my stepfather passed away, so in that same church I used to go to Sunday school in, so they get my way around this year. And we went to Sunday school most mornings in the Church of England, but growing up, I was always asking questions. I wouldn't say I was overly religious. But I was always asking questions, growing up, being through a teenage years, like who am I? Who's Neil? I'd find myself as a teenager looking in the mirror going. Who's Neil? Why are you here? What's your purpose? Why are you here? I remember saying to the vicar in belton, who am I, why am I here and stuff? And bless him, you know, he's a lovely man Leslie ward, who was the vicar at the time growing up. But he could never really answer those questions for me. You know, and it kind of weighed off over a few years until I met my lovely wife Carolyn. And that's a story in the self. So we met at karate. I started going to karate classes later on with my cousin. And we went into the crisis, and the funny thing is, my wife never as it was then Carolyn. Not my wife, Carolyn bone. It went into the karate class and she actually never used to go into this class. It's crazy. It's how the lord works and how he puts things together and miracles happen. So she went in this class, I kind of saw her sister and liked her sister. And she'll laugh about this now. And but her sister wasn't interested in me. She's not interested in me. However, I'm not saying Karen was a second place because she wasn't because I hadn't noticed Carolyn. You know, I hadn't noticed. Beautiful woman she was and is. And afterward finishes quite because I had a little red sports car at the time and a little bit of money at the time. And I thought it was great because I was living at home, you know, said some spare cash. And she used to leave little notes on my car after cry cry. I was like, who the heck is littering around my car and leaving notes on it? Her and her sister was watching me out of the class and I picked up this note and I kind of read and I screwed up and put it on the floor, not because of I was being mean, but because I was so terrible with girls, terrible. I couldn't talk to them and get embarrassed and shy. So I was kind of a bit embarrassed, but she kind of pursued me and we ended up getting closely and then talking to me being a non member as well. Not being aware of the standards of the church at the time was kind of difficult for me. Knowing what to expect from Carolyn, you know, because it is obviously very, very difficult to talk to about kind of taboo subjects as you would in the outside world church so anyway, we went to a competition I invited her to come with me in the car and it happened to be on Sunday as well and I always remember about this break in the Sabbath for a karate competition and Hannah bought a chips. And we were coming back from, I think it was ipswich in England, the neighbor and kind of city of in Norfolk. And we would come back from this competition. I had her cousin in the car as well, Steven, who I'm very good friends with. We go run a number of close with him for many years from being married. But he was quite a young chap then he was in the back and he was obviously a church member baptized. And we were coming back and we talked about the church. And I said, so tell me about your church then. What is this church? He said, well, time. We're more than you might know us as Mormons. Church is Jesus Christ of that day since. And I said, really, I've never heard of them. Who are they? That sounds really weird. Who's like, you know, tell me about so she told me all about the church and everything. And then I felt something for the first time in I don't know, probably around about ten, 12 years. I actually felt something, you know, and I thought this isn't normal. This doesn't when I was having these conversations with heavenly father. You know, you can feel that little bit of the spirit, but if you haven't got it all the time, you don't feel all the time there. And so, but this was the time when I experienced that feeling of the spirit. Again, and at the time, I didn't know what that was. And she told me that in the church, she said she would never marry a non member. This is what she's out of the church, and I thought, oh boy. This is no good. I like you and this is no good. And I had no intentions of marriage or anything like that. However, instantly what I don't know how I felt it but I did, but instantly I knew that I was going to marry this girl. And I was going to marry the girl. And I kind of thought, well, I better have a look to see into this church and see what it's all about. And that's when the big con came in. And I always reminded about this. You can say you conned me in adjoining the church in a nice way. I was invited round to her flat her apartment, we call them flats here in England that's kind of what an apartment. And her two friends who were there, Mike and Belinda, they had been married very, very newlyweds, both in the church. And they invited me around and they invited a couple of guys around as well with little black badges on, but I didn't know who they were. Of course, I soon found out who they were. And I remember one of them was called elder Smith and I can't remember who the other guy's name, but later on, I remember the other one, I'll do a shout out to Tim's box of not seeing him for nearly 30 years. So if he's listening to this, then hopefully he'll remember me and reach out and reconnect yeah. So anyway, the two missionaries came around and started to teach and said, look, we need you to come round because Michael's feeling a bit low on the church. You know, we need to we need to teach him a bit of some church lessons. Would you mind sitting in on the lessons with him? And Michael, he was a member, but just a friend. Yeah, he's friend, yeah. So he was kind of a new friend to me because I've met them a few times. We've been out. Gotcha. We're gonna end my car up at the seafront in great yarmouth and stuff. So I've got quite close to them. You're doing them a favor then. And I got con. So it's all blame him even for today. So we sat down and then the missionaries are talking away. And they're looking at me going, well, you know, we're just going to talk about Jesus Christ and the gospel and Joseph Smith and all these other moonlight, why are they looking at me? Why are they talking to me here? No, talk to Michael, not me. I'm.

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