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Plans today In Virginia culpeper county public schools and spotsylvania county public schools will open two hours late this morning 12 month employees for spottsylvania county public schools are expected to report on time Stay with WTO and WTO dot com for updates If we learn of any more school schedule changes we'll pass them right along to you Starting today on vaccinated students who or those who are not up to date on vaccines in boosters in Arlington county public schools have an option other than quarantining if they're exposed to COVID-19 The school system is now adopting the Virginia Department of Health's test to stay program Those students once exposed to COVID-19 will be able to test at home daily before school and come to class if they get a negative result the school system says it will also offer tests that the sci-fi education center on school days the test to stay program is only for asymptomatic students who are unvaccinated or behind on their shots any child showing symptoms should stay home separate of the test estate program the school is also bringing in another testing company so more optional weekly at school COVID tests can be offered Mike Morello WTO news The state's test to stay program is in place in fairfax county schools already Read more about it at WTO dot com The Virginia Department of Health recently announced plans to close community coronavirus testing centers across the state It cites a steep decline in the demand and the availability of PCR and rapid antigen tests Community testing sites in fairfax and Prince William counties are among the 9 locations that will be shut down Now the state will launch a more localized testing initiative that will be run out of mobile vans says Susie trotter the co lead of the Virginia Department of Health coronavirus testing program Whether it's at a library or a flea market or really the focus is the location Health directors in each county will work with the state to create a weekly schedule for the vans the new coronavirus testing program is called CTC plus Sandy cosell WTO news a 41 year old man arrested for shots shooting two children in Annapolis Saturday night has been released on his own recognizance Police say they were called to overe court for a report of a possible home invasion Then they got more calls reporting that two kids had been shot Officers found a ten year old girl in a 14 year old boy with gunshot wounds at nearby monument street Police say the girl is in serious condition no word on the boy's condition The accused shooter John S steppe turned himself into police the charges against him include first degree assault It's one O 7 The YMCA is just a starting line for the true self blooms only when we find our purpose What makes us take below the surface My why is diversity in unity a safe space in my community living with sincerity giving every day my everything With my.

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