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Available in the APP store or Google Play Podcast DC Listen. Local 10, 48 traffic and weather on the eight years Ian Crawford in the W T o p. Traffic Center. Thank you, Virginia boy getting out of Fredericksburg kind of a chore right now. Now crash activity before exit. 1 34 Route three Fredericksburg that's blocking the left lane. We already had something beyond that, just beyond the Rappahannock River, also blocking one left North bell on 95 60. Into the right to and through Frederick Furred and across the Rappahannock River to get past the crash and delays starting to build pretty mightily Now, as you get closer and closer to the crash activity, But beyond that, you're actually pretty good. The one other issue we had North Bend was on the shoulder now North about 95 after Lord and again left shoulder blocked by the crash, their delays easing South bound still seeing delays across the Occoquan this just a big old, not a traffic, trying to get to the past Woodbridge and aunt or Dale City, 66 between Haymarket, the rosin tunnel, We seem to be much Better now, the earlier slowing westbound after Khalid Road has dissipated on the Beltway, No reported delays in Maryland or in Virginia. Internet deliberating very well. Keep up the good work in Maryland on the Bay Bridge getting to it from the shore. The pace is good three lanes westbound, two lanes eastbound getting to and from the shore on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, North bound with delays coming out of green Belt, But they have begun to ease. Whatever was in the roadway between NASA goddard and Powder Mill Road apparently is not anymore. But some residuals flowing back to the Beltway North bound trying to get toward NASA Goddard, not toward Powder Mill Road 95 drama free between the two beltways. Don't Miss Ashley Homestore's biggest Memorial Day sale event. It's your chance to save 60% off all furniture, plus free delivery and actually home store. Ian Crawford. W T o P. Traffic, Not a sortie Foreign Lord Ricketts, a beautiful memorial.

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