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In the ass in front of it a single uh howard portugal yet name aside so i didn't know what the s was run over there in a tight my wife told so it's about illegal may single woman was single woman trying to make her way sounds salman yeah yeah and it's based on to some degree he went awry she lived around here i don't think she was that woman but you know she went to score i think she grew up in watertown or or thereabouts in in a went to a good schools and graduated from college and the whole thing which she's wanting the hall thanks show run a producer you know right how does that happen collided head on his she's not that well no i i don't know i say something out of the blue is used as it happened no in in oddly enough i had a scene in stronger with jake jill jilin all very nice the uh the the marathon bombing and damn he was in that is well we didn't have any seeing i n one scene but but she was in that as well so she was starting to make her way and then she sold this thing to showed diamond flower it took off and the audition was really weird i mean it's it's so weird how you life happens they had heard about me or let i said got recommended in they had me read four rosie's husband who eventually went to blake clarke uh an alltime me a guy i've known forever and were we were actually in shakes the clown together at nine on yes so this clown of course the world's greatest alcoholic clown movie is bob get gold once described that's right it's the citizen kane of alcohol movies over this he only allow we but we we.

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