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Is about like. I said he looked like barney five. He looked like don knotts. And that was one impressions. He'd do it at happy hour There's there's funny. Yeah you're exactly right. Ron passed away in nineteen ninety-three so But good dude and all he did was he did a very Length will and that offended offended night and again it was like you're really getting so this must be working if you are just off your smart to the business and you're pissed off it's working. That may be working to these other folks out their names as heard say the inter lands and it did work. You know the show that that was a great marriage and you know i god flair and talk. You couldn't so come on so he got over it. S we all know but he did get his feelings hurt but he was out of the he was out of the picture. He didn't want to be out of the picture. That was the angle how the was set up to self. Somebody's got to be out of the pitcher for a while this injury if people are drawn from their head on tables outside the ring very often. So that's kind of where that was a was just off for all about that. Let's let's talk about Ricky steamboat terry fox is gonna main event clash of the champions against ricky steamboat. More steam. it wins by q. Because funk has repeatedly hit steamboat with a ringside mike and It's pretty amazing when you think. About how timeless. Terry funk is this is happening fourteen years after he won the world title and he still main eventing clash of the champions. But he's on a collision course with ric flair. They finally me a great american bash in baltimore. July twenty third nineteen eighty nine eight drew the biggest and best gate. Wcw had until nineteen ninety six so quite the spectacle here pin faulk with an inside cradle even after funk debuted his new manager gary hart the match itself is one that fans still talk about Flare occasionally watch this one. I know he Called and ask me. Hey what was i wearing the purple and a russell focused yet. I wanna watch that. What was that great. American bash eighty nine rick out of your way to see it. It's a great match. Not my favorite they had. We're going to get there in a moment one a moment it was. What about gary hart. Though terry funk is a hell of a promo why did we think we needed gary. Hart was it to make sure. The fans booed him. That was a consideration about doubt. 'cause rick had not made that full transformation into they deface land. Yeah he resisted that quite frankly long time because he have more fun being a heel. Rick love to be booed. She loved to that. That sort of interaction. Where the where. They live audience but You know he'd been around so long and so beloved and respected more importantly because his work ethic and his skill set that people are starting to cheer him anyway. But i think gary would make with stacked the deck a little bit more against each therefore making it more easily to motivate the artists to cheer flare the underdog because gary was a looming bigger on the outside gary. Hart would a small guy for six two or three that great facial expression. And we didn't need gary to cut the promos for terry unless terry wasn't there then you had a great one of the great representatives that you could get cutting promos for this this angle. I think that was the situation there. And i can promise you that if rick and terry had not endorsed it and liked it. Check the box not been not have been in the picture. The talents made sure that happened. For whatever reasons they may have had You may talk. Rick time at a family reunion or something about asking how to gary hart get picked. Right was that your idea was a terry's idea was hurts idea but it might be you know. I don't underestimate that either. I think that that was the reason. Gary was sensitive established. He'll that he made. These would make terry a even more hated. He'll he was gonna make rick even eight more beloved new maybe says well gary forms the j tex corporation and terry funk and the great mood are put together and now they're gonna face sting and ric flair halloween havoc not regular match non-district cage match but an electrified cage match before we get there. We should talk about the build up that got a lot of people. Upset terry fox is going to put a plastic bag over ric flair's head in an attempt to suffocate him on the the the legend goes that This got mr hurd summoned to ted turner's office. Hey the fucker you knew in down there. What are you remember about this a minute. It got corporate. Yeah got it. I'm not so sure ted give you shit. But his board and his his underlings shit alive and so it was a a major deal for a while But you know. Nobody got dozer job so i always say what must have done. A shirt had had to do the do this..

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