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You're listening to ninety eight seven thirteen thirty K in s s it is Friday, June twenty-first commercial airlines are refusing to fly near Iran, this after the country announced the shut down a US drone an emergency. Order from the Federal Aviation Administration banning US operators from flying in Iranian controlled airspace. Planes being told to avoid the skies over the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, due to heightened, military activities and increase political tensions several international airlines now avoiding the region to, including British Airways, the Dutch company, KLM and Australia's Qantas German airline live. Tons says it won't fly over the strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman. But they are still doing flights into Tehran chill NATO. Fox News today is the final day at the Pentagon for acting defense. Secretary, Pat Shanahan patch. Shanna had a former Boeing executive decided not to pursue. Senate confirmation as the permanent head of the Pentagon amid scrutiny of his personal life and family relationships. Those incidents included twenty ten physical altercation between him and his then wife and at twenty eleven assault against her by one of their sons when he was a teenager secretary of the army, Mark Esper-, who is next in the line of succession, since he has Senate confirmed will become acting secretary of defense, aspartame over at a time when tensions are high between the US, any Ron after Iran down a US drone as it, flew in international airspace, over the strait of Hormuz at the White House. Jon decker, Fox News seventeen people lost their lives last summer on duck boat in Missouri. Now more of the employee's are in trouble. A federal grand jury is now indicted two more employees of the company that operated those duck boats in Branson, the operations general manager and the manager on duty indicted on misconduct and neglect charges. The Invictus vehicle sank at table rock lake while I. It was out on the water. There'd been severe weather warnings for the area at the time. Boat's captain is already been indicted on charges that he ignored..

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