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Box a windows server you can make it look like a scanner device. It actually has. That is one of the things you can make. It look like so attackers won't even know they've been caught. Just know that the password they tried didn't work which they're used to but meanwhile you'll get an actionable notification will tell you there's somebody in there prowling around thinks. Canaries are designed to look like things hackers want and the reason they are is because the guys who designed the canary have been in this game for twenty years plus they've trained companies militaries and governments about how to break into networks and they took all the knowledge. They've got about that to make something that hackers just really don't want you to know about the things to canary. They're deployed all over the world and all seven continents. They're really one of the most important tools against data breaches. You can put fake files on them. You can enroll them in active directory. They even generate something called canary token. Stephen i talked about this some years ago when we first found out about this the canary token school. It's a file a pdf document and excellent. excel file. where that's what it looks like the bad guy but if they open it boom immediately you get an education. The trip wires hackers get there. It's so awesome. Everything i thinks does is designed around their philosophy of trivial to deploy with the.

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