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Going with me, you know, because she felt the same. Idea about things. So anyway, I worked real hard with those democratic fellows fight fellows, you know, trying to raise the percentage of blacks and and all that. And when it came time for, I could possibly think about really take about law school. I was discussing it, you know what these fouls. And I didn't really know where I wanted to go, but it wasn't to the university of Texas because I had heard how discriminatory the school was, but I even wrote to Texas southern and they never even Roger back. And so finally they will talk. We will talk in one day, and I said, I think I wanna go to law school and they said, well, the only law school you should go to is the university of Texas. They said that is school ago to, especially if you wanna come. Back up here long Bill to do anything. Achieve anything. You need a degree from the university of Texas. So that's the way I applied and I don't even know what my test score was. I just know I was. And I went, I came down here to talk to the dean academic dean to tell him that I couldn't come that spring semester. Could I come at some and he said, yes, you know, you could do that. And sometimes when I'm talking to Bill, I just don't know why was accepted university of Texas since I don't remember what my score was. I do know that I made all as it Atlanta university in political science, but I messed up as a college student, but then I thought about the fact that I took two cars spun and courses in education from the university of Texas that was under Kilgore college in that area. And I made as in both of those courses. So I said, well, maybe they just think that if I could make as goes. That I'll do all right in in law school, but to my surprise when I got it at some that will none of us, you know, well, a bird a Christian was air, but that was the only one of us who was in that just really shocked me and then you know getting going onto that car. I was a nervous wreck even while I was going out, I had a heavy load teaching, which is. How you go, you're going to law school and you teaching us at Houston. Tillerson. Yeah, I, I was. I was doing just that. And I know they stressed the fact that you should not work over twenty hours outside of most schools because long is very jealous mistress, say say, but I needed the money to pay for that -partment rent and I enjoyed teaching. And in fact, I enjoyed that more. All I wanted to do to just pass the colossus. I don't think I flunked in any, but it was just passed in the courses at UT in law school. So yes, that was about it. There you know fast for to being appointed a judge here in Texas first female judge in Texas. What was that day like? Well, I don't know. I thought it was just kind of an honor nary gay. You know, I didn't. No, that I stood out like that, but I got some calls from Dallas. It didn't come out on on the radio, you know? And these people were calling me congratulating me, and then I realized the, you know, the importance of it because I had no idea, you know about who's judge who was not judged. But like I said, in that book, I was I was kind of a nervous wreck going to UT because blacks here lost and kept telling me I was not going to graduate. And then when I graduated, I was not gonna pass the ball, you know. So I made it through going back to Houston Tillerson you found it a program that exposed some of my classmates, and then others down the down the road of what the law profession was really all about toes about the program. Well, I really enjoy. At the pre law society. And I guess the main focus was to get these students who said that they were interested in law to do as much as I could to head them toward law school, and I can't take us a pretty well known program that pre law students can go to. And also I'm not sure whether they had to take a test to go there to be accepted because I remember telling them that that so many of the Jews were able to go because they would go to the library and they would read all those books about, you know, about law school, what expect and that they had to do the same thing if that's what they wanted. So anyway, one of the events, and I don't think I even mentioned in the book, the dean of the law school at Baylor invited us up one Saturday. To spend the day. They are on their campus with some of their loss students present, and they provided a boat ride force in Waco. And also we had Casseus only about eight or nine of us students, and we had dinner at the dean's house, and I was surprised that they would try to have what they thought we would like they had a great Castro because. Because. Yeah. Blacks, like grit. See, I really said about Sam. Thank you for being aware, you know, trying to please us with what they thought that we didn't show it was it was grits and cheese, some kind of grit casserole, but I not ever. We were not ever invited to UT to anything, you know like that. So it's just a matter of trying to get students to register for UT and to try to get them into UT if it was anyway possible enter register for some other schools. I think that those Fleming boys, I think one went to Texas southern and one went to Emory, I'm not sure, but they were very smart young man. And then that was stand Kerr. Now, the professor at UT law school who was supposed to be trying to encourage minority students, but he. I really didn't think of us. Would you know at the Bill. Mccown from Houston, Tillotson for college, you know. But here comes stand Kerr and he seemed to have top score when they looked at his record and he registered the man call me fest. I should never forget the day. He called me. He said, is this stand Kerr who applied to UT law, school abuse to Tillerson is a black is white. What? What color is the honorable Dr Harrington Murphy, retirement, nipple court, judge civil rights activists, former college Dane and author of there. All the honor lies a memoir with conclude our conversation on next week's program of you have questions, comments, suggestions as your future in black America. Progams Email us at in black America at k. u. t. dot ORG also let us know what radio station you heard us over. Remember to like us on Facebook and the follow us on Twitter. The view. Opinions expressed on this program. I'm not necessarily those of this station or of the university of Texas at Austin. You're gonna in previous programs online at k. u. t. dot ORG and GIO. The opportunity again for Texaco reduce David Alvarez. I'm John Johansen junior, thank you for joining us today. Please join us again. Next week. 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