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That and you don't go to disneyland by yourself the only a four you're going to pay four thousand dollars for that for the annual past that's that's what it is and so in at least excessive passes the least expensive pass went up a hundred and ten dollars up to seven twenty nine who has that kind of money just laying around i don't know i mean orange county is a nice affluent place la that so yeah maybe people in oecd but that's about it still locals go in that's it every is the screwed i dunno i might check out magic mountain this summer take for ghana will meet at notts very firm i think luckily all right so front when more quick thing microsoft is trying to kill off our passwords in some people are saying this could happen soon enough do we want to let that go but one firm founded uh dash lane right they one as a password manager 100 and thirty accounts that's the average pete that people have for password protected against one hundred thirty and yeah they don't work guess what they don't work right well how many times do you and i have to talk about the biggest hack ever again and again and again and again it's because it's because people get spoofed on their passwords or they give him out or they're just they never change them and the the more internet of things devices we put into our house people don't reset the the the default passcode on it would you usually four zero's and then that's a way to get into your entire network you don't think about that because we don't think of our homes as being like the pentagon that we need to lock down all the time but you really got to start thinking that way so microsoft can figure out how to get rid of the password to make it more maybe even biometric what you know i'm not crazy about but if it's more secure than that that might be worth paying the price for you know absolutely two i c friday rejecting friday have a great week st that all right when we come back speaking of.

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