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You I really. DMZ talking big arch. I'm saying he. We've probably doesn't want Steve replaced. Interestingly Ryan's number. Hello Yeah I think I can ride my brother. What's he doing? Kara here Hello Hey what's up. What's going on? What do you do when you're working in my life to tape? You are live your life to take second or no I got a second. What's out I was just telling to tell a story and I want to bring you in on this as well? We spent the last hour and a half doing this. I was I was just getting ready to tell Mike. A mad at Steve something. But it's something that he can't control member like when mom used to get mad at Nanna when Nando would do like stuff that she didn't like yes and I would say to her you would say she's she's eighty six years old. She's not GonNa Change Right. Yeah this is this way. Six years old. He wasn't but the younger age. But I shouldn't get mad at him for this but let me ask you this did you watch any of that. That periscope video yesterday at Fenway Park. I talked about this yesterday or no. I watched a little bit of it. It was it was it was nice. Thank you so now you listen to the show and the podcast casts everything and you know me pretty well known me you know your entire life. Is that something you'd think I'd WanNa have sound ready to react to the next day. I feel like you'd are you walking in today. Hoping that would be prepared Ryan Manhattan. The floor is yours. Why don't you ask Steve Robinson the producer of the show? How much sound he had ready when the show began to? I think I appreciate the opportunity. see.

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