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Thank you very much for tuning coming up in the next couple of hours. We do how they packed. Show foy we have News all the brand new factory Triumph and who may be running that. Now that's coming up later. Michelle also live interviews right here coming up in the next couple of hours with india offer. Max cook Michael hill shortly and brad jones. A bit later on and your comments and questions that you've got for all those people because we all live. This is wednesday night. It is the superbike show. It is motor sport radio stealing conversation. Contact the show on twitter on facebook and on our websites thought radio. Wow that we go so thank you very much if you just tuned in and you are with us. We have a four panel a really full show this evening. Thank you very much to j king back once again. Good evening j. today less than how's it going. Good amazingly we just about on time as we've been i think it's gonna be all thank you. Thank you also joining us as well as tristan finocchiaro. From the if you don't know of course. He's racing exploits most recently in the National superstock six hundred class. He'd be there or thereabouts from. I'm going to say next season in twenty twenty one but with what team. He will tease us. We'll find out very shortly. Maybe i don't know maybe even Possibly with the new triumph team in the future that would be a dream. Dot com account announce anything solid got. Nothing i was well joining us back once again. Fresh out of quarantine bought only for an hour on the show tonight. Is michael howarth. Good evening michael. A up good evening. Everybody i miss last week. I didn't realize until stem when you're interesting sit. I'm not being funny bit with my archer accident. There is no way. I'm ever going to try and say your last name. If given a kind. If i'm ever come into country on the twenty thousand people ulcer bach is gonna go very passionate because scope before the law song about names that you can't pronounce. Can you pronounce the supposedly. New japanese reuter at honda. Let's not get into to possible. International incident not believe on on whereas someone sent me screenshots of his instagram. I've ever been on his instagram page. At center says slow on the show that can do all these and sit and smile and and be all nice well like it it completely wrong goats indeed michael hill on the show very very very shortly imminently in the next couple of minutes but yeah just a quick reminder once again because we are live you can put your questions to our guests tonight. We've got loads of guests. Hopefully everyone will turn up on the right time. And they'll be no overlaps because my head i'll explode moving boxes around and things and so we've got brad. Jones lights are on the christmas questions department. He's we don't let not seek route. I mean considering a max cook also going to be here as well tell us what he is doing next season if you don't know whether he's recovered from ease acer pretty big hip injury as well. They add in the season in spain. Racing out there. So that'll be interesting also. Gp talk because well catching up on the latest on that. Sure you probably already watched it. But if you didn't trust in and the gang we'll tell you all about it and also the author on the show a bit later on towards the end so if you've got any questions for any of the guests get him to was at motorsport radio facebook twitter. We're on twitter as well and tonight. I believe we're for the first time ever live streaming on mix cloud yea mixon essays from music people. Yeah okay cool on sure the audience will be streaming through comes now taken off that to be honest of inappropriate use. It comes as quick quick news before we get michael hill on. The show was some interesting. Bits of news in gp. Brad smith apparently back with a chance to be britain's only gp rider next season after he was well. Now's backup aprilia being dropped. He's been given a chance. Testing is ease back with the earliest. Squads you'll still be still be a test drive of their for them as well. But i think the permanent seat is looking like it's going to go. Well there's a few rumors being dropped around. And this these. I think Georamas has been linked to that bid. Zaki was linked to that one point. But i don't think that's going to happen. And there was one of the ryder linked to that one as well but yeah. It's good to see broad bottles. Be continuing with them. But it's not gonna be. It's not to be as a permanent seat right. I don't think it's going to be joe. Robots because. I think i've already seen pictures of him with his new on his instagram. I think so. I think he's out of the question. I'm still hoping chaz agai- going on that now. I mean after i'd send the beginning of last week twice the phone twice each whoever's going to be kind of wings tested with machines an seems semi again. I don't what was on the gaza on the team that no you cannot bradley something after every summit rx riksdag salvador finding out to just go faster and faster and faster so you get the data from the testing where you just got lots and lots of the same. This part works not to seem to me again. Truly regard the march for next year because thanking developed. A no one else com- devoted to ballsy before we get going arrive. You're going to leave home to develop military polish. I'm just leave them. But you ought to be on c. We'll ever all things can happen. That roy is going to be battling for last place in. Gp's they're there to do battle next season and really and even the piaggio green. Don't use that to their advantage loss. Then there is absolutely no point in vain emoji thing because they can the macho everybody got it can develop only it can do whatever they like nobody else come not gives them a chance to become a top ten player once again and not just on occasion when great. Mike ulitsa early to see what he thinks. Well we are actually going to do that. actually bring giving the show. It's about time we got a fresh fresh opinion on things instead of the the todd walton daily bugle. or whatever. Talk talk no no you well. Yeah obviously you welcome on the show tristen. Yes please go ahead and introduce our first guest is going to be talking about. Wilson is the world superbike man himself. What products show host molecule hill michael. Welcome.

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