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David Elstein, Linda Hall, NPR discussed on Fresh Air - Remembering Jerry Lewis


Jerry lewis speaking with terry gross recorded in two thousand five lewis died sunday at his home in las vegas he was ninety one coming up david elstein reviews the new film marjorie prime this is fresh air i'm linda hall and i'm steven thompson there's more stuff to watch and read these days than any one person to get too that's why we make pop culture happy hour twice a week we sort through the nonsense share reactions and give you the low down on let's work you're precious time and what's i find pop culture happy hour on the npr one app or wherever you get your podcasts the new film marjorie primus said in the near future in a world where people can purchase holographic versions of their dead loved ones the movie directed by michael elmer rate up stirs lowest smith gina davis tim robbins and john ham as the first hologram or prime the we meet film critic david elstein has this review there are four main characters in the haunting sifi chamber drama marjorie prime some of them computergenerated holograms of the dead a better title would be ghosts and nada but strindberg already used it it opens with a gentle conversation between lowest smith's eightyfiveyearold marjorie and john him as her husband walter who died fifteen years earlier the holograms are called primes and marjorie daughter and soninlaw have bought her one walter prime look so young like john ham because marjorie ask for one at the age he was when they were married.

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David Elstein, Linda Hall, NPR discussed on Fresh Air - Remembering Jerry Lewis

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