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Look at this friend of mine just sent me this from the daily caller back in june thirteen twenty seventeen white house official confirms trump interviewed muller for fbi director job seems rather strange to me since mahler had been the fbi director for twelve years donald trump interviewed robert muller for the position of fbi director senior administration official confirmed comes one day after trump friend and newsmax media ceo chris ready appeared on pbs newshour monday and said the president and interview muller for the position just days before he was appointed to be special counsel that's just strange to me the guy was fbi met maybe they just went through the motions that's probably it anyway the caller was right i not remember that a k let's move quickly let us go to steve norwalk connecticut the great wabc go hey mark young conservative here i just want to remind some of your listeners to maybe maybe depressed about the legal spying on trump we have a nigeria report coming out indictment they're going to be handed out slow down slow down indict the g made a referral mccabe the deputy g is investigating the comey leaks so that's all the ideas is doing as far as i know.

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