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Understand these in a fight not only for his presidency but for the constitution for the republican self that's really what my book is all about if you remember was there a precise moment you can identify that made you say to yourself there is a deep state that where you started to believe there was a shadow government wa i suppose it goes all the way back to the for me the assassination of john kennedy when i was seventeen at the time when that occur when that happened and certainly the first moments that happened as a young man i'd seen jack kennedy and been in washington at hearings in the like and it was a huge shock i that he was assassinated and the way began to find out how occurred this gunfire shots which seem to be almost impossible to happen then lee harvey oswald gets shot on that sunday and i begin to say i think i'm watching a play here this is a drama being produced where we're not supposed to know the real story behind the scenes because the patsy has just been killed and the harvey oswald said he was a patsy and now he silenced and i began to think even at that moment that you know this is a deep state jack kennedy did not control and i knew he had been warned the dangers were significant because jack kennedy understood when he gave his american university speech for instance declared his willingness to reach out and work directly with the russians that that went against a lot of the generals who he had come to realize during the the the curriculum missile crisis curtis lemay and others it's on tape you can hear it in the archives really were happy to have war even if it was nuclear war and so the idea that the deep state is donald dewey determined on policy and possibly wanting objective completely different war with with russia that period of time willing to go to the extent of engaging in an assassination if they don't get what they want which certainly did fundamentally change war policy when lyndon johnson came in was a recognition that you know the presidency is constantly fighting with this deep state cia directed bureaucracy that is capable of engaging in criminal acts running drugs around the.

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