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No, no. I got I got a little, but I want to big on Tonka mayor. Yeah. I think Mike Tomlin is like he just won't to everybody wants to be absorbed. See for me. I don't really have a problem with anything lady on dead. You could acclaim lady I years ago. Skip doing that for jazzy. You coulda cleave. Okay. You didn't clear in that first year because you wanted to see if he can do it against Hilton. He did it you could clear them the second time and not not franchise them. Again, get what really could've done to then Tonio when he did the Facebook live post, you could not gave him the long-term beam. So you could clan. This a lot sooner than what you did. But for me at this point in time. I don't really know. 'cause you know, there's a great chance AB lady on both will respond because they say see we had left well enough alone. And then coach Tomlin bring us back into the fray. So I got I got the retort his absent. Just let it go. Okay. You guys. I wish those guys the best of luck was great while they were here there heck of a ball player. But we weren't able to get to our autumn it goal. But we wish those guys nothing. Nothing nothing, but the best, but you go about cleansing, I'll tell you what have that same regular hair last year? He'll be another cleansing and anytime, I don't know beyond say cleanse that limiting Cayenne pepper. Like, nah, nah. It will be a real cleanse narrow linzie. So before I answer genie's question. I gotta say one more time. Among NFL coaches might t is the best interview by far what he is a word sniff. Hang on his everywhere, I need volunteers not hostage. Yes, we are going to have a cleansing what coach would say we're going to have a cleansing would say that. Nobody would say that it's quotable, and it's accurate like third level accurate because I believe they are going to or they have cleaned house clear. The decks cleared the air of all things AB and levian not that they weren't talented players and not that he isn't the ultimate players coach because he is to a fault. He let them go away too far bolted them, but he may be on the hot seat from above. He may be on the clock Italy. He may have been told we need to see a whole lot more next year. So there's a lot of addition by subtraction. Obviously, I love the Devon Bush pick that they tried it up ten spots in the first round, which they they just don't do that. And they took a young, man. Ginny knows him. Well, who will change the culture on defense? He will bring back a little bit of steel. Curtain attitude then defense, and I think they just in the third round. They took that Justin lane out of Michigan state and Todd mcshay love that pick and projects him as a starter. So it's very possible. Bill have with Steven Nelson. They'll have to new starters at cornerback Devin Bush in the middle. Remember last year they tied for the NFL lead in sacks already..

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