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Know. Our opinion is You know that this didn't impact the game We had a good team. We won the world series. And we'll leave it at that and then later I didn't say it didn't impact the game. Basically what you know as the commissioner said in his report he's not going to go backwards it's hard to determine how it impacted game if it impacted the game and that's what we're going to leave what right now it is a mess and it. These are stormy waters now. The seas will come. This is it's like you know what it is a Mon- going on the road For the Green Bay packers and playing a game in Minnesota in the old metrodome or going to see a plane at the link. You gotTA survive that wave of heavy emotion early where it's really loud. The waters choppy. Same as going on the road to College Basketball College football game yet. Survi- survived that early emotion. Right now Major League Baseball you just have to tread water because this will slide away. In less other people dig this will begin to slide away not for the Astros. This'll hang on them. It'll hang on Bregman it'll hang on. L. To vay it'll hang on The the the owner Jim Crane it'll hang on the astros but for the rest of Major League Baseball. This will after the next twenty four to forty eight hours this will slide. You have to survive tread water Withstand the rough seas. There's a you got to own up to what you get did and just work the way you say. Ride the wave out and it's going to be backlash all sorts of ways and it's coming from every angle and avenue from social media to right in front of you directly with Reporters asking you questions so as a team owner as a TM players right now. Just I'll say but the best thing the players can do. And which is the easiest thing just folk? You got training camp started. You have spring training starting right here and so just put your work. Put your mind into that because really nothing you can do or say. That's going to make this issue better happen now. You're holding up for you. Being held accountable for that so now what the punishment is going to be if it is going to even be a punishment but more more more importantly is Pharma rightfielder leftfielder pitcher catcher. I've got to get myself my mommy mommy. Mommy my body and my mind prepared for regular season baseball. What do we want them to do? Do we are we just waiting for? Everyone does to apologize and admit that they shouldn't have a world series with the Astros and they're not going to. They're not going to do so. I mean so what are we? What are we waiting for? They're going to move on like Amman. Saying they're gonNA you know say. Hey we're sorry or remorseful and we're moving on and that's what we're going to get. That's where the professional will do. That's what I would do if I was on this team. I say look damage done. Do I feel remorse for it? Yes we'll do. I wish it ever happen. No I do not wish it happened but unfortunately did being aware unaware doesn't at this time make a difference but we're paying the price right now because we're I'm having this conversation with fans The owner is in MT players when they go out to their to their car. Trust me they were getting fans outside the gate yelling at them things so trust me. They're paying for it and whatever the League might you know? Put down on them is we. Don't we don't know it might be something because we see the Patriots when they had from the spy gate deflate gate they punishment they got round picks taken away. That Bill Belichick Fine. Wipe out half a million dollars though t organization. Phi a quarter million dollars. So there's GonNa be punishments for this. I think that's when the fast like okay. Now it's time for move on but that's the fastest before players. Say you gotTa Play Ball. Yeah we've seen plenty of this on the individual sport level right we we saw it with Rosie Ruiz. John Remember Rosie. Ries who I there. You Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon. Oh I've heard it said I heard about that. I heard about that next run. The race right took a cab ride yes. I heard about that last very brazen you ever hear Marion Jones. Yes one of that families of all time that hurt. I've gold medals in the two thousand games and then went to prison for steroids administered. I'm a track athlete Sharon in house so when I saw that know her body of work of Olympic athlete. Man That hurt the whole Lance Armstrong deal and as it relates to all of the cycling world in all of the denials. The cover up the lies. Were probably just as bad if not worse than the crime there. But we've not had team crimes you know you had Donnegan Tim Donigi. Nba official who was implicated. But we've not had the team wide issue. Certainly on the entire steroid era team wide franchise wide. What we've seen spy gate all the way back one hundred years to the Chicago White Sox. The black SOx world series scandal which they through this series. They lost lost. Five games to three by the way was best of nine at the time and made a great movie out of it. And then you get this with the Houston Astros. So it's a little bit different. So New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal not a team Yeah I twenty Ed. You brought that up into little. That's a little bit different. I mean you're a player What was your feeling about bounty gate? I mean that's your quarterback your former quarterback at that time the Vikings. But they were out to to get him. I know the my set of coaches from nine hundred ninety eight and from time I was done playing so a couple of years short of me playing a retired in two thousand nine so a great Williams who was defense coordinator for the saints at that time who I her players that play for him loved him but also he was straightforward. He was old school. Yeah so for me to understand that and what I knew about him. It was not a surprise unfortunately hit him to knock him out of that team concept for money. Yes because it was cheating to win. I say that's putting different. Look on game is not making the game pure. It is din making the game out to intently. Hurt somebody when I run the ball. When I ran the ball as a running back I was intently. Going to hurt some trying to hurt the linebacker. No it was just my job to pick up yard. It's now if he got my way it was there but if he hit me hard I pick him up man good hit but I'm not getting like if somebody offered me a little bit of cast to do something to a player. That's a whole different story. That's a moral thing. I'm like look I'm looking at that guy. Handed me the money might man. You BETTER GET OUT MY FACE. I said I don't play the game for that. I play the game. Yeah it's GonNa be hard hitting all day but it's the nature of the game so if I hear somebody hurt because I was trying to get a first down pickup yards not because I get another thousand bucks pocket you know. It's so that in itself. That's where it boy. It definitely stressed the lines. In my opinion as a player was like man this to know some players would do that to another human being on the football field. I I'm with you. I WANNA talk. I want to further the football conversation as it relates to that end What's going on contractually in Dallas? In some other sites we'll do that in a couple of minutes That's a Mon- green to my right. That's your left. John is with me. I'm Mike Heller. You're listening to the rich. Eisen show before I talk about one of my favorite bottles of wine. Seven deadly sins. They've asked me to share about. I believe to be the biggest sin in all of sports and what it is not listening to the rich Eisen show. I mean what a terrible send that would be or maybe you wear your team's favored Jersey to a game in which your team has nothing to do with the game. You're watching that's a terrible sin or you're wearing a Jersey of somebody. That's actually younger than you. I mean that's a sin. Those are just some of the sins. That's three sins that I just came out with if you don't have a sin as bad as all of that. Guess what? Try the seven deadly sins. America's favorite Zinfandel seven deadly sins his full bodied and blended from seven old vines infidels produced in Lodi California where zinn reign supreme..

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