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Is I just feel like you gain so much control of yourself of your life in so much. Power on self understanding. And I feel like football tracked into. Give me that football game that for sure. That so interesting. And, and as we're talking about going through high school. What were you loving academically while while you are falling in love with sports? was there a subject that was your favorite or teacher? Who really stands out that you think about from High School Gym Class. Gym Classes. My favorites so my school was a really good school. I went to Palatine high school in every year. That was there they won the blue. Ribbon Excellence Award which essentially goes to one of the top one hundred high schools in the United States of America. What made us so great really wasn't our athletics. It was the academic program. It was a teacher. Is there it was the counselor's it was you know we had a choice? Your Freshman and Sophomore Year you do your regular. You know regular assignments, but then your junior senior. You actually have a choice of if you WanNa, go language, or if you WanNa go art in so what I chose was arts so I got to do class I have drama I got to do drawing a painting. I got to do poetry. I have to do a whole bunch of different classes in the arts. You know in so if you would win language you. Would you people who leave my high school? They leave knowing French obviously English than they leave with. Spanish is well because you French and Spanish for your junior and senior year, so you leave there with two languages so the summer of Sophomore Year. They asked me what you WanNa do, do you WANNA do? You know the language. Do you want to do? Arts like are while I'm artistic person the arts, so you get these acting classes, you speech classes drawing like my favorite teacher. Her name is misleading and she used to let me draw. I had her first period, and it was so cool because you can just come in. There is the only classical headphones so he could wear your headphones. Listen to music, and you just draw for an hour. Just draw. You have a professional art teacher there. She's teaching you and. As long as you tried your best, you pass, she's not. She's not gonNA. Knock your art because it doesn't fit into her. Perspective of what art is supposed to be? She was so open to everyone art. She'll give us the guidelines. You say. Hey, for example I remember. We had to do a perspective photo so perspective photo we see all the time is when you see like a train track or you see like a freeway street, you see maybe a buildings buildings on the right side in the kind of all leads so what's called a vanishing point? And I mean to this day. I've never forgotten that because she was such a good teacher. So literally you start those photos by drawing your vantage point the new jaw, your horizon, and then you build your city in built the sky and. Is. It was an amazing experience to be taking art class. You know so I remember her class, and then I had another teacher..

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