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You're staying home but at least staying active and trying to make the best of this crazy situation. We've got a fantastic lineup of guests for the show this week but the MA wheel just continues to turn doesn't like a lot of news has come out over the last several days we got the NFL. They have canceled or postponed their twenty twenty season. They reportedly released about a third of their roster on top of that. But they're going to be paying a a stipend to the remaining fighters on the roster and I certainly understand the decision to do that. I was a little surprised. Did so early. But if you really take a look at the roster from top to bottom there's lot of international fighters so being able to pull off a a season especially under this format would have been very difficult to do. Bela Tor they have postponed. Bella tour to forty four which is supposed to go down on June six in Chicago headlined by the rematch between Michael Chandler and Benson Henderson. So that fight. That card is going to be pushed to another day. Bell Tower is however looking to kick-start things back up June maybe July sometime in the summer and host events from a Hollywood sound stage. It's kind of like the old days of studio professional wrestling perhaps like WCW Saturday night back. In the day for US elder statesman that grew up during that time maybe they can have the the cage on one of those circular things that spins around between fights but a that'll be pretty interesting to see once that comes out and of course with the UFC may ninth is very much a thing. We found out earlier this week. It's gotta be called. Ufc Two forty nine and as a reported on Tuesday multiple sources confirm to me and other members of the site that the event will take place somewhere in the state of Florida. I WANNA give a shout out to Lynn for creating the greatest fight graphic of all time when it came to that event you can check it out on our instagram page. But you know the from from what we gathered. The fighters the teams. They're scheduled to fly into Jacksonville Florida to get ready for fight week. Although the actual physical location has not been revealed at this time. We don't know what the Hell is going to happen. But we're going to keep posting all that but of course you'll see to forty nine two point. Oh we'll be headlined by Tony Ferguson. Versus just engaged for the interim lightweight title Henry Pseudo versus dominant crews for the bantamweight title. And how Tony Ferguson? Successfully weighing in this past Friday at one fifty five on the nose there is only one L. Kukui. We're GONNA be talking about that. The event itself in a whole lot more this week. On what the Heck's let's run down the lineup. Let you know how this is all going down this week later on the show. We're going to chat with Frankie. Edgar the former. Ufc lightweight champion. A little more than ten years ago captured that title by defeating. Bj Penn at UFC. One twelve in Abu Dhabi. We're going to talk to the answer all about that. What he's been up to during these quarantine times plans to move to one thirty five and much more. Ufc reporter Laura. Sanco is going to return to the show to talk about all the changes that have happened in the UFC. Over the last couple of weeks she was actually supposed to come on last week. And there's a bit of a story there plus we're GonNa talk about a whole bunch of other things. Ross GonNa talk to Gilbert Dherinia Burns. This guy has been trying to get a fight. Since he defeated Damien. Maya finished him in the first round of Brazilian as of now he hasn't been able to find that fights. We're GONNA check in with the reigning twitter champion Gilbert Burns later on the show. Dominic radius is GONNA join us a couple months removed from that awesome fight with John Jones. Ufc Two forty-seven in February as you all know by now. John Jones got. The decision is still the champion. But it's one of those controversial decisions that we're still talking about but we're going to check in with the devastator in around twenty five minutes or so but first we're going to check in with Alexander Hernandez who was supposed to fight on both iterations of the April Eighteenth version of you have to forty nine. I it was going to be is on market. Jeff in Brooklyn then undefeated. Omar Morales was going to be his opponent at Tachi Palace before the event was just off the table for April eighteenth altogether his name as you may have noticed was not on the fight card for May ninth air. We're going to get the answer as to why and much more right now. With Almond.

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