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Ideas, our thoughts and our visions for Tampa a line in the future. We both understand that Tampa success necessitates a strong leader who is in touch with the community. Meantime, there's word of proposed debate will not take place Monday night, the chamber of commerce invited both castor and David Strasbourg Strasbourg out claiming a scheduling conflict, remember Aramis. Ayala, the Orlando state attorney who lost all her capital cases when she announced her opposition to the death penalty. The Orlando Sentinel reports. Dialys husband David voted illegally in two elections. He was a felon and before amendment four went into effect. He couldn't vote destroy Ella claims. He didn't realize he was still barred from voting at the time. A sir man wanted in connection with a crime spree along Florida's west coast and other areas is in custody. Investigators say James Lilley is a suspect in the fact of a trailer in tools valued at forty five hundred dollars from a construction site on longboat key. The fifty year old is also accused of stealing a vehicle in Venice along with thefts of tools and construction gear in Georgia and South Carolina. US marshals arrested Lillian Brayden. He was booked into their Sara soda county jail on grand theft and burglary charges Ricco show. Newsradio WFL a even though the house overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning anti semitism. Thursday, many who voted for it expressed frustration that it didn't condemn Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar by name for her remarks about US-Israel relations, those include south Florida democratic congressman Ted Deutch words matter. For generations. They have had dangerous consequences for me for my family and four my people. This shouldn't be so hard bay area. Republican congressman Greg was one of twenty three house members who voted against the resolution, which also condemns anti-muslim bias and white supremacy. Tele Hassi far from the people close to the money. One state Senator wants to make our state capital. A little less distant for most Floridians, Kevin raider wants a study to see whether it would be better for the people and for lawmakers to make Orlando the state capital, but it would also mean moving the state supreme court and governor's office. So it's not considered likely to make progress. Martin skelly the so-called farmer, bro who raised the price of aids drug from thirteen to seven hundred fifty dollars a pill serving a seven year federal prison sentence for securities fraud. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports skelly is running his business from behind bars. Using a contraband phone. Federal inmates are not allowed to have cell phones. It's three oh five at News Radio. WFL? A whether is next.

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