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Their entire statement says quote. The news about gabby petito was heartbreaking. The laundry family praise for gabby and her family so beyond vile just absolutely so beyond vile. I think it's vial disgusting and reprehensible that they would put out a statement when it wasn't even it was less than a week ago. It was less than a week ago just days ago a couple of days ago when gaby tito's family was begging for information for brian to come forward and discuss what they know or his family and they choose today to put out a statement being like web. Sorry just beyond vile so. I'm going to go ahead. And follow up with the of the final headlines here today guys. The suzanne more few case very more few will actually be going to trial. I know that this was actually kind of a gray area. We weren't sure which way this one was going to go but in the ruling. Judge patrick murphy. This past seventeen. Two days ago on friday outlined the three possibilities that he considered in this case. The first was that. Suzanne was murdered by berry the second being that she was abducted by persons unknown and he also in this case. I mentioned the dna found on. Suzanne more fused glove glovebox door. That did not that match berry more few or three. Suzanne left She gone girl. She just ghosted and left without telling a soul or taking her purse money. Anything now the judge did not believe that the state proved through evidence presented at the preliminary hearing that they prove first degree murder so a bond was actually set at five hundred thousand dollars cash cash and yes very more few will have to pay every single penny of that in order to walk out of the jail now if he can pay the money then he can get out tomorrow monday with an ankle bracelet there will be multiple stipulations attached to this such as him not being allowed to leave chafee county along with a whole list of people that he's not allowed to contact at all. This would include various potential witnesses. And obviously suzanne more fuse family. The judge also spoke about the lack of proof of premeditation. He said that berry finding out this. Suzanne was having an affair basically gives him a motive and feelings of hurt anger..

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