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It's like having your own personal news anchor in your pocket that's not creepy at all nor hometown god and country station it's superstation one o w e your god and country station and we beat superstition one wmd this job and shove it john stand in my way out john hey welcome back phones or open joe locke at hanging out with us it's friday it's fungible zone you're more cloudy and not so much as it certainly isn't fun thanks susie well you know appreciate suzie calling this out on it because it probably did need to be discussed but the end of the day you know we read this stuff and you know being in the press we get press briefings all the time we get the press releases we get the reports we get the official statements from the white house we get the official congressional statements and we just kind of go you know i've been doing this on this very radio station for ten years now and i covered all the same stuff during the bush years covered a during the obama years and i just you know and and i can't help but feel that there are people listening to this program right now who who really have not been surprised by anything that we said but are thinking okay what do we do about it so let me ask the question what do we do about it because that's that's what the donald trump angst is all about it's a very cloistered colt like existence there side the beltway i mean even going all the way back to the founding fathers yeah they encourage participation by the average citizen but the majority of the average citizens they might vote in to go into town halls they might have gone to rallies but it was still the same basic influx of people who became president after john adams couple of terms later oh yeah quincy son hello and who did he get most of his political grooming while he's in office the day he took office from okay ad okay today is the anniversary of the founding of arlington national cemetery arlington built around the home of robert e lee that was a slight towards the confederacy to bury the very first victims the union dead in the rose garden at arlington basically rendering the home uninhabitable he will in that house it was mary custos.

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