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Society and yesterday that's what Hamilton County prosecutor Joe deters said about the man shot by police thirty six year old Robert Schneider he announced yesterday that Schneider had died from his wounds he was a suspect in several armed robberies in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky earlier in the week Peter says the shooting following a police pursuit of the stolen car was justified the thing about the hell he put that little girl through the store clerk through the police officers through everybody through he has no feeling for anybody he's eight he was clearly a menace to society can get more on that story and seven hundred W. O. W. dot com amount or of woman forty four years old died in a single car crash in brown county heather Smith was not wearing a seatbelt over corrected her Chevy Cruze yesterday after drifting right off the roadway and was rejected on Crawford day road just north of Bardwell Buford road governor Mike DeWine explaining his red flag proposal this week that would allow the court to take guns away from people they believe pose a danger to themselves or others his proposal that police or family members could file a complaint in court the subject would respond to give their side in court that that person is is dangerous to themselves and or and dangerous to to the public and and so there's a whole long process this build in there the governor's plan says of the person is determined to be dangerous to self or others that person's guns could be taken way for as long as six months after which the whole process would begin again radio.

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