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You Jesus do that or you can call me. Richard the Christian. I can go by that too. They did that in the Bible. You know acts chapter eleven they said the disciples were called Christians. I anti so I can call. I can call myself. I'm rick the Christian. I'm I'm Richard. John Frank Jesus but I must not forget the name I bear one of the things. Nebuchadnezzar could never wanted to do. I was get rid of their Hebrew names so they would forget who they really were. We must never forget who we really Dr my friend we are saints of the most high. God that's who we are so if you have not taken on the name of Jesus Christ in your baptism. I encourage you to do that. Because where else do you take it on. Told you this doctrinal today doctrinal today if you don't take on the name of Jesus in your baptism where do you take it on. Unfortunately much of mainstream Christianity has actually really downplayed baptism downplayed. It's where it's not even necessary anymore so not worth sign of an inward cleansing. No it isn't it isn't there's an inward cleansing some teach that it's your membership to the church. No it's not. It's your forgiveness forgiveness of your sins and your entrance into heaven. Can you say man. I believe the main reasons for the downplay of baptism and its importance is the inability of some folks to reconcile Matthew Twenty eight nineteen with other verses of scripture like acts chapter two thirty eight x Acts Sixteen Acts Ten forty eight acts nineteen five. People can't reconcile all of this so they just say skip it all right. I told you this was doctrinal. Let's take a look a couple of these verses shall we hear. Is Matthew Twenty eight nineteen this is what Jesus actually said Jesus said this go therefore make disciples of all the nations and baptizing them. So don't tell me. Baptism not necessary. Jesus said go and make disciples. It's by baptizing them. So I need to be baptized. You haven't been baptized. You need to be baptized. baptizing them in the name name name names but name of the father the son and of the Holy Spirit. Now that's what the Bible says to do and many people do just that baptize in the name of the father. Son and Holy Spirit's but there's a problem because when you look at the apostles who Jesus said this to and what they did they did not baptized ties. Like this and this is where the discrepancy comes in and people can't reconcile it. Also they just say forget it. Because here's what Peter said on the day of Pentecost when they said what must we do. He said you need to repent and let everyone of you be baptized. How in the name of the father son and Holy Ghost? That's not how he said it. He said in the name of Jesus. Christ I feel real bad about this but I've talked to some people and showed them the discrepancies. He's here and they always say I'd rather listen to Jesus than Peter. I'd rather listen. Jesus than Peter I would too. You can check Peter to make sure he said what Jesus said okay. So let's listen to Jesus. Peterson repent be baptized. Every everyone of you the name of Jesus Christ for the mission of your sins and then in Acts Chapter Eight again the Apostle Peter when they hurt when when the the apostles who are at Jerusalem heard Samaria had received the word of God they sent Peter Again and John to them who when they come down prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit because they hadn't received the Holy Spirit yet for had fallen upon none of them only they had been baptized in the name of the Lord. Jesus so here again shop during these people were baptized by Philip in the name of the Lord. Jesus I'm saying all this because I want you to get a name change and I. I don't see any place else in the Bible where the name gets applied to you Peter Again and acts chapter ten after the gentile. The Italians giant's is in house. All right we got some Italians in the house. The Italians this is a story about Cornelius. The Italian and he you got the Holy Ghost while Peter was talking to him and he said Hey. Can anyone forbid water. The vision not be baptized to have received the Holy Spirit. Just as we have any commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord Lord and then this is a. This was a good one. This is the Apostle Paul who when if you read the whole story you'll see that Paul found some disciples they were believers. Do you know there are believers who are not baptizing Jesus name Oh yeah there are. There are people that believe in. Jesus they love God they WanNa follow God and they do not have not yet understood stood baptism and Jesus name so they follow him in all of the light that they know. And that's good that's not bad. That's good but I promise you this. If you keep following following Jesus he's going to send someone in your life to tell you about this because he wants to put his name on you. Why not reading it all? But he asked him if they had the holy goes as we don't know about it he said well. How do you baptize they by John? The Baptist John the Baptist was before for Jesus did not baptize in Jesus name and so Paul said John did indeed baptize baptism of repentance. Buddy said to the people that they should believe on him who would come after him. MM-HMM THAT IS ON CHRIST. Jesus and when they heard this they were baptized again. This time in Jesus name so yes being rebaptized ties his biblical. Because Jesus wants you to take on his name the praise God so as baptism important or is it not well. It was important to Jesus to tell US apostles to go. Oh do it. He told them to make disciples by baptizing them in the name of the Father Son. Holy Spirit it was important to Peter. He preached it on the day of Pentecost and extra to the two also an ex chapter eight to the Samaritans. Deep Preaching next chapter ten to the Talibans was important to the Apostle Paul. He actually rebaptized people who were baptized but not in Jesus name baptism to these postles was important. Nah Aw it was an important thing and so the reason people down play. Baptism is because they have a hard time reconciling Jesus and the Apostles cels father son Holy Ghost named Jesus Baptize them in the name of the Father Son Holy Ghost baptize them in the name of. Jesus what are we supposed to do both or how about we just not. How about we just skip it? Listen I WANNA make sure I take on his name. I want to do it the way the Bible says to do it by now I watch some of. You may have seen in this before. I'm going to do something I don't always do with sound. Just make sure it's the right volume here. I'M GONNA put up a video here. I love this guy and I've listen to in fact I've read a couple of his books and I have. I have seen several of his video clips and I want to put this one up and have you enjoy Joya for three or four minute video. All right okay. All right here we go doctor. How many Dr Johnny James Okay? Here's Dr Johnny James Coming Back Right from the United Kingdom. I've been there for two weeks and I was tired. I was so glad to get back to be coming back home to my wife's glued loving and good cooking and and I got on the plane up and I got me a good constable seat by the eye on and I was already to come home and just before the close the door gentleman got on the plane. He took the seat by the window next to me. And he introduced himself and he told me that he was a baptist pastor who had been preaching in England and naturally the question went to baptism we discussed batism from every angle. I'm just seeing what way he going go was giving him enough rope to hang himself at least half a dozen times. When the flight approach the United States they came into the cabin and the handed out reince reforms to re enter into the United States? I asked the Cabinet Tendon. I want two of them. I will pray with one. I'm going to hand the immigration on the one. I was going to play with where it said. Give the name of the country state and city you reside in mm-hmm put name of the country are put the word country. Where's the name of a state I put? The word state is said name of the city. I put the word city I showed it to. My friend told her y'all ignorant crazing said any fool knows the country named country and handle state ain't name state and the city not named sitting. He's they looked James. I used to be an English teacher in Union High School. And we'll give you a quick lesson on proper nouns common nouns. He said you fill out your form wrong. Where's the name of the country? Countries are common noun the proper Noun would be United States name of the state. You said you're from Michigan. State is a common Noun Michigan in the proper noun nameless city cities common noun and Detroit is a proper noun. He'll know simple grammar. I taught English teaser. I said Mr English teacher. How long have you lived in England? He's never lived in England. Well how long have you been in English citizen citizen. He said I've never been an English citizen. I said then you mean you were an American citizen. He said yes so. You are not an English teacher. You an American American teacher. Al-Said English is an adjective. The way you use it matter fan the now teacher I said. Let me help out the English teacher. I said you're not an English teacher. You mean you're a teacher of English. English is an as a typical preposition phrase modifying modifying the now that tells what you taste in the way you use it. Means you're a citizen of England. He's a you know. I never looked at grammatically now. Say They missed English teacher. Neither have you looked at to a baptism. grammatically asset grammatically. Doing is just a legitimate. To say you live in the country country at the say father. The name of the father is just a legitimate legitimately saying state in the name of the state as to make some the name of the son. Holy is an adjective modifying ghost. And he's just eh little the call the name of the city city at the call the name of the Holy Ghost holy goals. I said my grandma is this as good as yours. Only only yours is in a critical area because it has to do it celebration and for the first time is grammar cookie kicked in and he saw it and he got angry. He snatched up his computer and the rest of the airplane when we landed. I said he's so mad. You can find his head so what he rushed off off the plane. I took my time together and got it when I came there. He was waiting and he.

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