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And you seen them and you work with him you're not going to get rid of that asset easily unless someone just throws a lot at your makes it so hard for you to not keep them so he's gonna keep garoppolo because he knows that this is the guy like that is so hard to find a look around the league it's crazy there's like 10 teams those starting quarterbacks are awful who roster of quarterbacks are awful and you have a guy who you trust and they trust him and like him so they're not gonna let them go over easily i four let's go are are the ravens going to tossup a twitter pole and ask fans michael heffernan hut facebook total it's crazy najat snapchat navy doing crazy i'll just say this an i know we've got a gorgeous i'll just say there she colleague whatever there are a lot of people have different opinions about him as a player and opinions about him off the field me i said this before where he doing off the field is her work in brave and important and on the field he is still a really good player that's my opinion i've seen them play we're talking about the patriots are covered a game i think it was last season where he was he played a belgian air defense with almost nothing around him and kept them in the game almost singlehandedly catholic so i've seen him perform at a high level he still can and ravens don't sign and their fools.

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