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Daimler requires the majority stake in an for competitor in france sequoia capital next one could be a fivebilliondollar one also iced tea in the block chain it's thursday december 21st and this is crunch hey oh it's thursday hope you're all due in fantastic and getting ready for the holidays here's the news daimler has acquired a majority stake in show for priebke a french out that provides ride healing services in paris leon and the cote d'azur though ownership stake means at daimler now has controlling interests in a number of smaller uber competitors particularly operating in europe in meena including my taxi and karim dealer hopes to complete its acquisition of chauffeur privee by acquiring the remaining stakes in start up by 2019 terms of the deal with chauffeur pre they have not been disclosed but it will continue to operate post acquisition sequoia capital one of the most prestigious in wellknown d firms looking race a five billion dollar investment fund recode first reported the news of the fund they're hearing that sequoia is targeting five to six billion we're hearing that right now it's looking more like five billion dollars the fund raising is expected to get underway in the first quarter of 2018 sequoia capital you might know them from such a fan favorite says apple and what's up you look into raise the value of your company whatever you're doing take it shake it and blocked chain it and you too can be rich the long island iced tea corp change its name to long block chain corp and just like that the company shared soared by as much as five hundred percent in pre market trading this morning later settling back to about two hundred seventy five percent gain why did this happen who knows bitcoin crypto satochi life is weird remember you too can take it shake it and cloth chain osha had alive audience that report for today hit that like love insure this video and keep raging of.

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