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AL Vic, thanks to Genesis communications network for making the show happen. Daniel is working the dials and Vic thanks for tuning in. We really do. Appreciate it. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, the doctor Dolly show. So what looks like the El Chapo jury has reached a verdict, and we don't have it. They say they've reached a verdict. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, how that goes? All I get it. Okay. To reach a verdict. So where the hell is it? Okay. The reason why is there's always a big announcement that they've reached a verdict. Then we have to wait for them to actually tell the judge and everybody in the corporate. So I guess the jury as reach a verdict and our just waiting for two and a half months and anonymous partly sequestered jury of seven women and five men sat through this case described as international drug trafficking, one to one and apparently at Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Laura's trial, the prosecution was based largely on witness testimony. Apparently, jurors are two hundred hours of testimony from fifty six witnesses, including fourteen cooperating witnesses mostly traffickers, a cartel associates. That defense attorney dismissed as lifelong liars willing to perjure themselves in exchange for reduced sentences. Whatever that he says now now, it's like, well, I, you know. How do you know who to believe apparently murders were detailed like very descriptively tortures murders. Corruptions Narko mistresses. Escapee's that had to that were naked that rebel to get out of there. Diamond encrusted, pistols, apparently a lot of evidence. Intercepted phone calls. Text messages. Lot of cocaine dropped off. They said potato sacks not in the courtroom. Yep. And they see as IT specialist. A computer geek from Columbia and Rigas. He testified against it. He provided the fence access to text messages cell phone conversations with chapel. Oh boy. I mean, did you guys see narcos that takes a lot of guts? And I I mean faith that you're going to be protected to be able to come out against a drug cartel leader, like El Chapo, so deliberations started I guess Monday was at yesterday. So anyway, they have a bird too soon as we find out. We'll let you guys know. I'm not very. I'm not very up on what's going on. Because I'm like, I said I've been only watching kind of narcos and so right now with narcos, El Chapo is still the driver. So he hasn't really. In fact, they call him chapel. And I don't think they really call them that back then so we're still in the late eighties early nineties where I'm at. All right. We'll keep you guys posted one eight seven seven one eight seven seven zero CD AIBA corruption is everywhere. I mean, and it's, you know, whether El Chapo gets sentenced or not. Look at this or being told that the bowl of vaccine was offered in exchange for sex. Okay. Bowl has killed nearly one hundred kids so far. This is the second. Worst outbreak. We've seen Bola almost one hundred kids one hundred eighty I've been orphaned by the disease. And we're being told that is part of the vaccination program. There were claims that women in order to get the vaccine or being asked for sexual favors. This is ridiculous. They say research by several NGOs, according to the guardian has revealed that a deep mistrust of health workers is rife in the DRC, the Democratic Republic Congo and gender-based violence is believed to have increased since the start of the outbreak. And they say the research was presented a national task force meeting. And they're having trouble controlling this outbreak. And there's a lot of reasons for that. You got the insurgents you got, you know, people not really wanting to come forward to us modern medicine folks and get help because there's a lot of distress you have people trying to flee the area. So it's hard to contain. So they've been vaccinating people. And from what we understand vaccinate people. Pretty well. Until we're hearing that well, there's been again VS happening in this type of stuff where you're only going to give the vaccine if you get a sexual favor is somebody that shouldn't even be. I mean, I it's it's horrifying to think that's happening. So they say the meeting was told them multiple respondents. And once said he had raised concerns over individuals, offering Ebola related services such as vaccinations in exchange for sexual favors the risk of exploitation. They save by frontline evola workers was also mentioned by several focus groups, and you wonder why many of the villagers or people in the city or these towns don't want to deal with right? You know, people coming in and. You know trying to help. They're being exploited many of them. There's eight concerns of raised over reported increase in stigma and violence facing women. So women are blamed for failing to prevent the spread of the disease. According to the research by the International Rescue Committee. They say women who are responsible for caring for the sick. And ensure that children washing your hands faced a rising workload with many feeling traumatized and exhausted. That's at a recent meeting, what participant of focus groups and women are isolated during their periods and are accused of having the virus. Oh, can you imagine? So somebody has her period, and many many societies will have a woman Goater like a hot to have her period. They don't have their period in the house. So women are supposed to be like temporarily banished into other quarters to have their period. Now. I mean in in the bible women are considered unclean. When they have the period, you're not supposed to sleep with them. You're not supposed to touch them. Depend on how religious you are. And so you're not supposed to have sex when you have your period. Now, I've been asked, you know, from a medical standpoint is a dangerous to have sex when somebody has her period, if it's your wife and the medical staff in the medical in the medical realm. You know, there are risks. However, if it's somebody that you don't know, and they have a sexually transmitted disease. Absolutely touching blood from somebody else, could expose you. Right. And then from a why would that be on the bible? Well, I like to find the science and find what sort of, you know, why would certain laws be there and a woman usually kick at pregnant when she's on her period. So if the purpose of sex during biblical times, the was for procreation and a woman is actively bleeding, which means there's a much lower chance of getting pregnant, although you still can't get pregnant on your period. If you off late and there's an egg and your Philippian tube floating around trying to come down the pike there. There is still a chance of getting pregnant, but I don't think back then they realized that and they assumed the, you know, because they knew that, you know, well, somebody gets pregnant mid cycle when they're on their cycle. They're not going to get pregnant. So no reason. So recreational sex was a really big right in the bible. So that's why. That was there. And so now, they say that women having their period appear people think that they have because they're bleeding now, you would think well, duh. They're bleeding period. But if they just see blood on a sheet, they may not know where that's coming from. So not good. So they say the region of the DNC has as long as sexual violence exploitation of women and girls, it's an issue that should have been anticipated. See now, you know, we haven't really been covering Ebola. Mostly in the news because it's all been about the shutdown, and what's been going on with Washington, and you know, the recent election, and I'm the no the Mueller. You just all this other political as I'm more interested in what that was going on with the possible. Second evil outbreak for me, that's kind of important, and when you hear that this happens, and it's, you know, a couple of lines in an article that doesn't mean that this isn't really really happening. I was just at the euro foundation gal, I was one of the MC's that helped. That. Was there and hero foundation? Gal is a fantastic show foundation. They help unmask right? You know, some of the stuff that's going on out there in terms of sex trafficking of assault, and as well as other issues like over medication with, you know, stimulants, etc. And you know, many people just aren't aware of a lot of the bad. It's like this whole other dimension of stuff going on. And you know, we'll watch movies, and we'll watch Netflix like, oh, really that happens. And then we'll be aware. But if we did it do that if we didn't actively do that we would have. No. And so, you know, if Bola outbreak comes to us because of this attack on women and this. You know? Pudding selfish interests. I is probably going to be one of the sickest things that we could see because people are going to die one eight seven.

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