Prime Minister, Iraq, Europeans discussed on Here & Now - October 13, 2017: Hour 1


Has been at the invitation of a government in both cases they're right president assad is working with the iranians one of his key allies prime minister our body in iraq is depending on the largely shiite militias some of them sas sponsor trained by adb organiz by iran to fight against socalled islamic state the americans we know is also involved in that fight but not fighting alongside the malicious so for the audience it's a question of definition these are the issues which have to be dealt with and in the view of the europeans the russians and the chinese by and large is that by imposing sanctions by being aggressive you are going to move hebron in a direction that you do not want him to move among senior ukrainians the view is that the imposition of a host of new sanctions including against the main security body in iran is tantamount to a declaration of war i am sure that in the next month or two we are going to hear president trump say that this deal is a bad deal and needs to be renegotiated do you see any way that iran would be willing to renegotiate the steel and the other countries there is no sign of that president rouhani at the united nations last month i went to his press conference was categorical there is no returned to the deal there is no reopening of the deal there is no renegotiation of the deal and if you want to push iran to renegotiate well as zad the foreign minister biran job ads that he put it sure at ease negotiations meaning given take and there were things that we didn't like including having to ship out ten tons of enriched uranium out of the country please send that nuclear fuel back because we don't like some parts of the deal either.

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