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Rory as a paid consultant eps pled guilty and was sentenced to twenty seven years in prison this was just the beginning of the storm as of two thousand seventeen ten people have pled guilty to corruption charges including see so mcgrory exmayor grady sims and several consultants and lobbyists for local prison management corporations the supervisor of harrison county william martin was indicted for bribery and corruption but he committed suicide just hours before he was scheduled to appear in court according to the assistant us attorney there are still six or seven open investigations related to the scandal in addition to that the mississippi attorney general has filed civil charges against fifteen corporations and individuals who had contracts with christopher apps including geo group and mtc geo group is currently fighting to dismiss those charges they claim they weren't aware of any of macquarie's criminal activity both geo group and mtc fired mcgrory as soon as he was indicted insisting that he'd been acting without their permission but there's one fact about the investigation that doesn't add up in two thousand ten around the time when gio group took over the walnut grove prison mccrae's monthly salary from gio group doubled from five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars the company's finance director wouldn't answer questions about why the amount was doubled what exactly mcgrory was being paid to do in the first place do you think they have something to hide that's for the investigators to figure out for now all we have is gio groups word which is that they had no idea mcgrory was bribing officials.

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