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FDIC the one hundred sixteenth. Congress will be sworn in later today. President Trump met with democratic leaders yesterday in the White House situation room, they couldn't reach a deal on border security. The president promising to keep the stalemate going if he doesn't get billions of dollars for a border wall CBS news. Correspondent Paula Reid is asking what we can expect from a meeting planned for tomorrow. Now, the president is trying to broaden this out to talk more about border security. We want money for border security that today seems to be the new buzzword that focusing less on the border wall and delivering on that campaign promise. It's also important to know that the original campaign promise was that Mexico would pay for the wall. So it's not even accurate way to say here that he's filling this campaign promise seeming to broaden it out more as part of a campaign to shore up. Border security as the new congress begins its work Democrats in the house of a plan of their own to pass legislation today to reopen the entire government without the money for the border wall. CBS news correspondent Nancy Cortes has more on the day ahead senate's leader Republican Mitch McConnell has said basically that a Bill like that that doesn't give the president in his wall money is basically dead on arrival in the Senate, which is a little bit curious because just before Christmas break, you'll remember that the Senate actually passed that legislation one hundred zero kmox news time is nine oh. To Saint Louis county. Police are investigating a homicide in Jennings. The victim an adult man was found around five fifteen on Helen at Jennings crossing police say the man died from gunshot wounds. No other information is being released. See those counties. New prosecuting attorney, Wesley bell is shaking up his staff and instituting new policies. Just two days into the job. A veteran assistant prosecutor who presented evidence to the. A grand jury after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown and Ferguson is reportedly among those let go the Saint Louis police officers association says it's dismayed by the firings. Also bells office says it will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases and wall prosecute people who don't pay child support among other changes and problems in Saint Louis came oh X learned at least three people have been fired in the Saint Louis recorder of deeds office on the same day, the new record or Michael Butler was sworn in bother says is goal is to make the office. More user-friendly one improve.

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