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Mean, this is this is Grayson Greiner, just seven at bats. He's still looking for his first hit of the year swings and drives one foul down the left field line. No balls and two strikes. News going, Grayson Greiner first base hit then. And then you know you break the ice. You feel lot better, sometimes hard to get that first hit. Candelaria owes homerun 437 feet Grown. 404 Cabrera down the line 3 51 and Good room 3 75 The pitch was springing a foul straight. Magda, who he had a rip at a fastball in her half of the plate. He's He's getting a lot of the plate with his pitches in, there's not a lot of late movement started in the rotation Last year, he pitched for both the Cubs in San Francisco, but he got hit hard and Really became a situational lefty. He can shut down lefties, but he cannot show down. Writings did not last year, at least or two years before and we're seeing it here today, the Tigers loaded their lineup. There's a throw to first is going to get away from Evan's Victor Reyes will cruise down to second base. He was diving back head first, so it didn't have time to get over to third. That'll be throwing your on Derek Holland. It's all coming apart for him to put raise its second base. Save your on the Pittsburgh Pirates bench right about now you got to say you've got to be kidding me. That's an error on the first pass materials. He just boxed the ball. He jabbed at it. Hit off the thumb of the glove. Perfect Pick off Throw a Ron Evans. Quite a move to almost had Ray is leading the wrong way. Now, Greiner swings in tips. A slider foul down the third baseline five. Nothing, Tiger. Is in the first on the strength of four home runs, something we have never seen before. Four home runs the 1st 5 batters of the game in the last two especially were just crushed My Cronin candle Auriol Candy, really smoked that baby on the hardest hit ball of the 1st 6 batters was demerits out about that. Crying takes a fastball high in terms of exit velocity off the bat. The marriage line out to sooner was the hardest hit ball He's got through the 1st 6 matters. Home run single homerun homerun homerun Cabrera grown Candelario, after good room started the game with a home run Grindr, waiting on a one to Holland checks raise at second one's twice hanging slider, middle of the plate and grinder swings and taps it. Fouled on the third base line. He's havinsome. He's havinsome decent swings. Just not getting a good part of the bat on the ball needs to break through with something..

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