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The Dallas Shaun Livingston guys to take a twenty game here but draymond green and Steph curry great great players and Steve Kerr is a great great coates I agree with a lot of what you family and you would see trae young shooting and he'd be shooting from way deep creating klay deep and I figured it's because he's small he's got a back up he's gotTa get got a young team and they I was hoping and thinking what you know what I was hoping and the Bulls might be the team that puts those guys together in ensemble excel oh I think he's an apology at some point too I think I I think you're GonNa because he takes him from greatly since and he takes them pretty well he does he just WanNa end up like Kevin love to Minnesota score and a lot of points at a team that goes nowhere let's take a break coming up could Auburn takedown Lsu this weekend we'll ask some how you're feeling no one understands how only these no one will even let me into their house. I knock knock but they ignored me uh-huh what else I look in the mirror don't even see myself.

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