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I five quarter in our area and south jersey we're seeing winter storm warning for the snow will develop tonight little 21 three to six inches in and around the city philadelphia but as you get closer to the pros declines to six to ten and then bitterly cold and windy for friday eighteen it's thirty one now over a half million cars in the delaware valley have the hd radio's if years is one of them what to do and where to eat is on sheer philly radio at ninety six point five fm hd 3 the current cold snap seems to be impacting restaurant the mold city restaurants are feeling the impact of the cold we are really dependent hunt by traffic so it's probably keeping some people in our lunch russia's a little bit slower than it would be this year into startled burly but it's stream of the stronger did you notice a sudden drop in customers just relaunched business red nose working much because of the cold i think people are really just trying to get to where they are going to want to make any extra stops also people are probably taking more ubers and taxis chosen they're not walking by your store pretty much that coffee shop owner tells me she has to account for the weather throughout the year in regard to her business nobody likes figure out in the cold nobody likes come out in the scorching here the rain and snow restaurant as a fickle business absolutely is as it is in old city hadas kuznits kyw news radio kyw news time 555 it is time for business with jeff bellinger from bloomberg business another update for wall street the key indexes all closed at record highs the dow jones industrials rose ninety eight points or fourtenths percent to 24 thousand nine twenty two the nasdaq gained fifty eight points or eight tenths percent the sp 500 added seventeen points a gain of six tenthpercent percent there are no big surprises in the minutes from the federal reserve's december meeting most of the fed policymakers indicated they continue to support gradual interest rate increases chief economist jeffrey cleveland payton and regal thinks central bankers will stay on track this year that story in about it and where policymakers birkin turned out you may be put away but i don't think that appears to be the case cleveland says four rate hikes for the year would make sense factories were humming at the end of last year.

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