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Love the sound of those quarters clinking in as education six good morning everybody the lord be with you thank you so today is a very special day here at Idlewild can anybody tell me why today's special maybe one of the reasons that special what is today what we call it can you say rally day yeah it's a rally day so how many of you by a show of hands went to your new Sunday school classrooms today that's good that's great so this is the day that we mark the end of summer vacation and then we move into a new Sunday school year but it's also a special day because this woman right here you see her you all know who this is what is her name ms Marjorie ms Marjorie Reynolds has been with us for a while at this point she was with us last summer when ms Caitlyn was on maternity leave taking care of her baby and she's been with us officially since the beginning of the summer and today we are going to officially welcome her and celebrate her ministry with that she is your special leader here at the church you know no matter what age you are at this church you get a special leader and she is your special leader whose job it is to help you know god and to follow Jesus more closely hi so I need your help as we commission her for this service okay so I want you to listen really carefully to the words that I'm going to say and the promises that she's going to make to god and to you and because what we're about to do is kind of like a prayer I'm going to invite you to put your hand out like this to ms Marjorie can you'll join me in doing that put your hand out to miss Marjorie okay that's your way of showing her support as she makes these promises okay Marjorie god in Christ Jesus our teacher through the Holy Spirit has called it you Marjorie to be the director for children's ministry at Idlewild Presbyterian church you have not been called to be perfect but to be faithful who is your lord and savior will you be Christ's faithful disciple obeying his word and showing his love will you do you welcome the responsibility of this service as director of children's ministry because you are determined it to follow the lord Jesus to love it neighbors and to work for the reconciliation of the world do you will you serve the people with energy intelligence imagination and live a relying on god's mercy and rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit will you rather tricky I have a couple questions for you all the congregation at this time do you members of Idyllwild confirm the call of god of Marjorie Reynolds as director of children's ministry in the service of Jesus Christ do you will you is supports and encourages Marjorie and her ministry will you.

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