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Right this. They've really a good point that a guy made the headline was true crime. He'd order at another email about true crime and he said true. Crime is sort of like cultural appropriation. That's not frowned upon white people benefiting at the expense of others whom they have no real concern for all right. So he's he's got a point but the problem is black people like true crime. Maybe more than I mean. No people like cheap. That's what I I mean like women and my joke about women love true crime because they have to make sure that they're not on that episode because every woman thinks she's either been murdered GonNa be murdered and she just has to make sure the The and the reason women tell us about their day so much is in case there murdered. We can repeat it back to detective now. Stanton Neal Brennan doing stand up this weekend. Gend at the Shoe Mash Casino. As a matter of fact doing a casino isn't that near Santa Barbara Baba Baba Santa Barbara Jewish cool. Thank you that that joke is part of it benefiting the expense of others whom they have no retirement. I I will say that there is something a little bucket but a little weird about a network or podcast or Any any outlet that does documents about murders not giving money to the victims. I know that if a Manson sold his art he would have to give money to to victims right. But I don't think I don't think I mean my is not right and by the in my character governors fucking hilarious. She's amazing isn't that podcast is fucking great listener but no one ever. She probably gives money to some sort of in this moral like push you know. Why have fun? They're having fun about someone getting murdered there. I will say they're really good about not lie about acknowledge on in certain areas. Now they just they don't. It's not like giggling through rape. Yes it is fun though. They're having more fun right. They're not giggling eraser giggling through murder. I mean it's like that's what I'm saying like me and somebody we're talking about. How often people like you? Can every boat joke about rape women the last time you said to somebody I'm GONNA kill you probably in. LS Four to eight hours. Hey are you joking about murder. We'll know it's absurd so is rape in this context. If I say I'm GonNa rape you right Ukraine. I'M GONNA murder you go. Oh that's hilarious. Yeah where is way more desensitized to murder. We ought to rate yes because of Ame no into true crime. Dogs how I am going to once. I've liked better. Did you watch outside it premiered. Hbo It's Jason Bateman and it's the they adopted the Stephen King novel all right. It's so good. It's so in part or five I fucking HBO. I don't know but they premier two episodes on Sunday. It's it's the watchmen salivating for that. True Crime Great Yeah like I think there's something exploitive about it but I don't think that it's cultural appropriation. I don't think it's cultural vision. But I think it's exploitive. I don't think Netflix paid. Any Ted Bundy's victims for the movie undocumented. They just don't in fact when you you like the Steven. Avery documentary need dating Stephen Every major money. You can't pay too many now you can't. You can't pay the subject of documentaries says Ou ooh the rules. No yes shut. I was the fire festival thing. The reason Hulu and Netflix had different ones. Because Hulu Paid Hulu paid billy and people say was better It was a toss up but it was a toss up Engineers thing. Hey you can't shut the fuck up makes so much sense I mean like Kevin the one I'm doing with Kevin Hart. He's paying for it but he's I mean he's I'm not glorifying him. I don't even know how much it's going to be in it. I'm trying to cut this. How about Neal's he's directing so I told as raw the guy to the? OJ documentary that can was paying for this and it's like it's not a documentary. It was like I don't know what his idea of propaganda. Yeah it's like. It's his ideas so I can't really it's not gonNA glorify him but poor. Ezra doesn't know that goodbye This is a good one and it's apropos and word is the subject. COMEDIANS often counter argue. How they're edgy? racy jokes help help society talk about issues that we generally don't like to talk about that said in twenty ten in two thousand twenty for that matter what exactly can be solved by a white comedian saying the N.. Word Lord Sir as a white comedian. WHO said the N.? Word in public on comedy central and now on I tunes and wherever else Nothing can be solved by saying the N. Word a public and I didn't think I was solving anything when I did say it. I will say say that my feary was the I was talking about my experience with the N. Word Right and And and and it I believe that. Wipe it won't by people talking about race in a funny way is good for racism. It's good for like melting racism. A little bit. I don't think it's massive but I think white kids who grew up on Chris Dave and hip hop and and the the way I did I was completely transformed by Spike Lee. Michael Jordan Murphy like that. Having those people people in your mind is helpful. But we're you and I both know that. There's some levels to comedy here. They're your are an informed culturally informed white dude There's a lot of people who just I don't know any white comedians who were going to say it Lewis said it. Yeah everybody he was set it like has full control of saying and their new reset it onstage publicly is it it onstage publicly Rogin does Rogan. said he had a J- not it was like a bit any said it but it wasn't like disparaging he has actually has a bit where someone went and just took all the time to reset it and played it and he was like. Oh okay. Maybe that but no he just mentioning it. It's not yeah I don't like it. I don't like white people say like I'm like meanwhile I love when I say it again I would. I can make a case that I mean in some ways it was I was just getting by technicality. Yeah like well I write it. which was it's like some kind of right for little bitchy on my part? Yeah but you do right for I've written. I've told I'd say I'd go even further with my raises. I make black people say the N. words so I'm getting the N.. Word out there. I'm forcing I'm controlling controlling the minds. Blackman Tackling Blackman's So there's nothing. Composite is not solving. It did mean Louis saying get help anything no did CHAPELLE show help. Yeah Like did the joke about the white kids getting excited. That the blind white supremacists called them. The Dan word help probably mean Louis. Saint onstage did was a push goodbye What are your thoughts? On the new Chris Rock saw reboot and horror films in general. Do you have any desire to make a horror flick horror films did he do. Chris is Chris was having a meeting meeting with Lionsgate. And he's there was like a saul post on. He's like you know you could make saul movie. That's kind of funny like some. There's like humorless right there number so like and he's like you. There are jokes to be made in these movies. And you WANNA be like all right so they wrote it. They shot it. Oh Yeah thirty him. And Sam Jackson. I think that coming out it's coming. It's coming out. I think they gave it a good date. They gave it like Valentine's sometimes stay. Maybe that's a good movie to see on Valentine's yeah. I think they gave it a good. I'm sorry may fifteenth. So they've made it a summer movie makes sense. I think he'll do pretty good. I don't know I don't know how. How much teeth franchise has left? And that's why they're they all amny hor franchise. Sometimes they do the the like the free goes to New York thing. Yeah the the. What is it lever calling the hood? Exactly just the the switch it up the purge. They've made it about race or the origins of Writing about class in black. Yes so cool. I mean you know I don't I have no. I honestly have no idea what it even looks like. But you have any desire orf like I have a very good idea for a horror movie. I'm the Hor- Quyen. I have a really good idea for one and I don't to me I think Well I'm not going to pitch it on here. 'cause it's too good an idea to like. I pitched Jordan Peele like three years ago and he was like that's a really good. I was like my announced before he made the get out. Yeah Well No. He's production company but again he don't like ring me. ooh ooh lack I but I don't wanNA write a hormone me. I don't want to write a movie it's not. I don't like any of the people I don't like meetings. I think people just sell an idea that someone someone else could make. Oh I should. I mean that was a joke I made that. I wish I made about half ache. When they they're rewriting they're putting half-baked? It's like it took me and David Day. You have somebody else. Take a day income with another movie. Like fucking come on. It took a day. We were twenty three and it took a day. I don't understand what the the sequel aspect. I don't know what could be this. I don't ever going to happen. There was A. I saw a thing on Netflix. Yesterday do you remember over the Damon. Wayans Adam Sandler Movie Bulletproof Love the movie sequel starring you ready for this phase on and Kirk Fox On I've seen it's out. It's on Netflix on Netflix. Starting today or yesterday ice so that is my family. Both those guys like Faiz Fazel is interesting. I mean he's got a lot of interesting ideas okay But but yeah they'll make it business. They make eight hundred. You know what's funny. I saw that and the trailer was like this could have been a different movie. I know well that's the other thing is just make a different. They just call it. They're protected by the intellectual property it. If it doesn't work the go-to sequel boss proven okay. But the bulletproof almost fucks sandwich career. Oh by the way. That's how old I am. I remember when he was in trouble. Evil because bulletproof was the movie he made before wedding singer and it was tank and he'd just gotten far. SNL So he was like am my am I wrong. I never thought I remember a scene where somebody was singing in the shower Damon. Sam Don't think those guys have good chemistry even insight on saying goodbye. You've got mail right so I got a lot of notes about my quote unquote lack of understanding about Dolemite dolemite and parasite You're by the way I think you're adult my parents. I don't even know what that means. So this she comes comes in. She's adult my parents and I could the parasite be the system victimizes the poor to the benefit of largely benevolent indifferent and ignorant upper per class. That they didn't the rich people paid them. The rich people paid them right. A fair wage. There is no uh-huh seen of them trying to lower their fee. There was none of that now. The rich people I someone said that they think it's that no matter matter how wealthy you are like you can never really separate classes. They'll always come fuck. Okay trying to figure out I mean it. Basically like it doesn't matter how successful you are her. How much how much wealth you have you know you can never really like Notice how the walls were very high and they had this very nice life. Still the other classes will come in. You can't really separate yourself from other human human beings no matter how you could if you bought your own food. I mean it's not that hard I know I'm just saying someone else made that point which was not me that was the oh I get got it right. There are all of these like all these counterarguments are very easy to dismiss. Because it's like now there's a bed or there's a way better way to make that point with the same dynamic but if if didn't he say what the point was Boondock I don't know I didn't read it fucking read And then someone tried to explain which is I hate to be the explain to the holly what he didn't get about a movie but you missed the point and Dolemite is my name. The whole movie was made to feel like shit was out of place. The original Dolemite is a classic. I think that I've tried to make my ten year old son watch and I had to apologize halfway. There's no good way. There's no way he could understand. Why the terrible movie is a masterpiece? The goofy montages in overacting as a direct to dolemite and they should be watched in succession to really get the brilliance of these tribute to Rudy. Ray Moore not convinced you've convinced me nothing. I hit my bong and I'm playing two K.. As I listen to you all so if you already knew what I was saying than just no I was trying not trying to be a dick and Bianca what's good with US grabbing a drink ring my ten year old kidding you got the email That's not. What the movie? That's not what the move every scene and DOLEMITE was A. They said we couldn't do this. Let's do that. I'm not talking about the the I'm not talking about the Rudy Ray Moore movies. I'm talking about the Eddie Murphy. Movie was just not a plot wasn't very no it it keeps US Manam. Yeah it's cute and it had momentum but to your point. I don't need every movie to be an allegory..

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