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Years old. Did the Padres into the post season last year. 21 from Cabrera. Fastball, little bit inside of the bell, Pull three. Yeah. Ingesting their looks like singing it off. All the managers had like a chin up contest. I think he's in the he's knocking some guys out. He's gonna be in there a while. 31 and a swinging a foul back. Big cut there by Machado three and two. Tingler looks like he gets in the gym. Yeah, my top tip guys, big leagues. Gabe Kapler. Chase Tingler? Yeah, um Lost, I think, And I just lost my train of thought. I gotta throw Aaron Boone in there because he's probably listening. And he's probably thinking, you know. Yeah. What about me? I won't get out alive. Way. Don't quite tell us much as these guys 32 swung on and missed. Machado strikes out one down. That's great point of parents listening his problem. You're right. One of his first thoughts is what about me? Yeah. You just wait for that text, you know to come off. Yeah, but Yeah, He's a pellet on guy. I don't think he's I don't think he's in the final four, the final in the chin up contest, but he's a He's a pellet on. You know who else I got? Least RoHaas. That's manager Jacked News. Jake Cronin worth on breaking ball, Mrs. Inside Ball one now, bitch it. Mike Matheny's a little bit older than some of the guys were just talking about. Yeah, I'm sure he could give the younger crowd run for their money. One. Oh and Cronin worth fouls back and knee high fastball one and one. Now we're talking about analyst. You're my God, I am. I'm putting out I'm putting my money down on you. You got me over. Lucky I got you over Trucky. I got you over Kirk Chip. What I feel so much better about my workout routine. 18 1st year if you and Kirch and get in a chin up contest, my money's on you. Way.

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