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Com slash l box Hundreds of South Sudanese politicians, given the boot from their hotels on pay bills. $50 million worth hotel industry said. I should warn the government over the areas to no avail. So it decided to reject the politicians. One politician complained that the power was cut off in his room and that he wasn't given time to pack. Some say they now have nowhere to go. The government says it's paid some of the bills, but not all of thumb South Sudan remains in a state of near perpetual conflict with 60% of the population facing severe hunger. That's the BBC's Mary Harper. Nonviolent resistance to me and Mars military coup is building momentum, with public protests extending to several region including in the tightly controlled Capitol region. The military has tried to quash opposition with selective arrests and by blocking Facebook access. News and analysis. Town hall dot com. Stuck in Travis. We've got the answer. This'll report is sponsored by America's best contacts and eyeglasses. Better news in Fairfield, the East 80th. The 6 80 interchange, Singular, canceled earlier to vehicle injury accident cleared All lanes are open traffic, making a very nice recovery. New accident, though in Hayward north, a baby before Tennison that is a two vehicle collision. So far no lane information, just a minor back up being reported, and also getting reports out of the Fremont area. North 8 80 at Stevenson going to run a traffic break, but no specifics as to why Baber it's soul posit metering lights are on, but it's only backed up to about the middle of the parking lot and stretches of heavy across the bridge into San Francisco. That's traffic. I'm Paul Maxwell. Don't overpaid for glasses get two pairs and a free example just 69 95. The exam alone is worth 50 bucks. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best.

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