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It's relevancy and popularity was gustav by the three mile island nuclear meltdown which occurred almost simultaneously with the movie's release and now jane fonda who couldn't get a job in hollywood five years earlier with commanding a salary of a million dollars a movie while china syndrome was still in theaters jane and tom went on a speaking tour on which nuclear responsibility was their key issue the crowds on this tour were full of jane's fans seeking autographs the crowds were also peppered with protesters mostly american legion members holding signs sane things like hanoi jane go home this sentiment against fonda was no longer mainstream but it was not going away around this time roger vedeno newly divorced from his latest wife moved from france to santa monica so that he and jane could cope perent their daughter vanessa despite jane's career resurgence tom hayden still wouldn't let her higher help around the house or even use modern conveniences like washing machines to help in the household chores jane began secretly going to vedeno games modest house to do laundry if you're wondering why jane continued to stay with tom hayden at this point here's an interesting thought the jane had later she said tom often made me feel stupid and superficial and my dad had made me feel that way too while tom hayden was setting domestic rules for his wife and she was pretending to obey them coming home opened in us movie theaters and slowly but steadily started building a box office gross that would amount to many multiples of its budget.

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