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But he be that one an a we used it very briefly hunault with him camp look our wolf says the elder scrolls a six is not the next game from but us game studios last year pete hindes full jeff kiwi that the studio released two major multiplatform games before the next elder scrolls games excerpts from a polygon article says quote i tried to manage expectations for folks you know the kind of games they make referring to bethesda game studios they take a while heightened said they have two major things that they're working on in addition to other stuff skyring unintended switch and all these other things obviously scar out now for nintendo switch um he said we're godhra we're not talking about things like a followed shelter kind of project like big multiplatform releases so not a mobile title but i wouldn't be surprised if they release another mobile title considering how successful cheer shells your was for them i'm good to just reaffirmed that um um oh my gosh zeiger apparently john drake was in the twitch chat while i was talking about sheets and candles during the segment and he said no we don't need more sheets or can't off yes we do we always need more it's true though have an entire closetful of lenin nice just one closet okay um continuing on here oh interesting to know to jeff zoabi he says call of duty world war two ended with your squad walking through a concentration camp looking for a squad made that was captured but the camp had been liberated by the time yorker walk through it that's true that's what i meant though it being there one is actually horrible.

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