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Off your first order. Welcome to the show. Ridiculous historians it feels so good to be back. We have a reunion of sorts. You may have heard recently that knoll end. I in our good friend met Frederick were on the road with our stuff. They don't want you to know tour, but we have finally returned. And we have not returned a loan. We are joined once again with our fantastic super producer Casey peg room who came all the way back from France to hang out with us on this show. Bones. You're. Casey on the case, folks. M trusty co knoll is on the road this week for a different project, which I can't say too much about now other than all will be revealed in time. And in the meantime, we decided there would be fantastic to have one of our favorite. How stuff works? Celebrities. Come on the show this week. Ladies and gentlemen, helped me welcome Christopher haciendas back to ridiculous history. Ben, thanks so much for having me. I feel like I should just be sitting here saying, I'm no. But not no, I'm not I can grow my beard as much as I like. But I still can't match up to the man. But I'll do my best. He has his been a lot of time on that beard Christopher. But you know, what just since this is Nadia pike Cassie. I just wanted to describe you little bit if that's okay while we're on here. I'm curious. Okay. Okay. So Christopher you have a great beard. Thank you. I think you've been you know, you've been growing it out a little bit. I see. Yeah. I mean, I I've had it for a while. It's it's been on my face for decades. If you wanna start talking beards, the very first poem that I ever fully memorized was a poem about beards. Oh, yeah. Do tell shell sold or in my beard grows to my toes. I never wears. No clothes. I raps my hair around my bare and down the road. I goes all these milks. Okay. I did not. No, I did not know that we would be we would be privileged to sit in on a little bit of a poetry recital. Tell me you didn't you didn't bring your ration- today. You're not ready to go. I have I have one that is completely unrelated to today's episode and it's a little bit body. It is a poem by Ernest. Hemingway Ernest Hemingway, of course, famous famous writer old man in the sun also rises, all these all these works of pros. He has collected book of poetry. Which is varied in terms of talent. And in terms of quality. But he has one poem. It's very short that I suspect he wrote after drunken night in Paris were spaying where he says, I know monks masturbated night and pet cat screw and some girls bite, and yet what can I do to set things? Right. That's the whole poll. It's a good home to have in your back pocket. Came in handy here did a but speaking of fantastic segues, we mentioned Paris just a second ago. Are you about to talk about a taken a segway tour of Paris? I think it away we in a way, we we are a segue of the minds Kristof. I'm already embarrassed for you. We took a we talked a little bit off air about some interesting stories in the world of ridiculous history and longtime listeners, you know, that Christopher Haas yoda's aside from having previously pure donor show to introduce us to some very strange covers of Louie Louie. Christopher Haase yoda's has been our longtime research associate, and we're we're big fans of you. Christopher you.

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